Wolf of Wall Street: “You Need To Know THIS About Cryptocurrency”

If ordinary people want to take back power from corporate companies, cryptocurrency could be the answer! Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, warns how big companies are lying to us and trying to separate us from our money!

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20 comentarios

  1. They should never just shill a coin. These meme coins are horrible people invest thinking they have a real investment. But these have no value they are like a Kardashian famous for being famous but anyone stops talking about them they are gone. They have no real use

  2. A beautiful woman wouldn’t know better? Get fucked.

  3. In fact only talking about shit coin this and shit coin that shows jordan does not know jack shit about cripto.
    There are shit coins and tokens and there are usefull coins/tokens/blockchains. Thats just software that does certain tasks automaticly, trustless and avoiding midle man blood sucking leeches.
    Sure thing there are scams and rug pulls but there are a few that really offers value to the task they perform.

  4. But right now it's a good opportunity for people to make money through it

  5. To a degree it's already being manipulated it's a matter of time before it becomes just like Wall Street

  6. When you live in a fascist country like Canada, the government can take what ever they want.

  7. I would like to know what it means when consistently in the news I see where authorities have found and uncovered Bitcoin mining. Couldn’t you say that it’s rigged?

  8. Im a big fan of yours R.B but considering you speak so frequently and passionately about protecting the average person and their interest its disappointing to see you give more air time to a man who actively sought to destroy the financially independence of average people. You could have found another expert and not added to his attempt to rebrand himself as a man for the people.

  9. Amazing work Russell! A light in the chaos 👍

  10. Dude just brushes off nike using child labor

  11. Hahaha yeah no way could I ever trust what this criminal says. He has already proven he will rob the people. Everyone thinks he is a nice guy because he said he would pay back all the money lol only because he got caught, like all of them only when they get caught!

  12. I was laughed at by all my friends for buying bitcoin then Ethereum… Now all those same friends brought doge at $.55 telling me how smart they all are lol… They lost all their money then went back to shitting on me for buying BTC… I'm like I'm sorry you missed the boat lol I threw you a life vest and you laughed at me. Same exact thing happened with NFTs. I bought a few apes and my friends bagged on me until fucking Logan Paul of all people started talking about it. We are 30 btw lol… They don't get it and never will. I even generously offered to teach them all and actually get them to understand the space and they all rather party and play halo. They get mad at me bc they ask to give me money and turn them into millionaires. Its like bro 1 you don't want to learn 2 you want me to make you a millionaire by giving me $500… I need new friends but dont mix easily with people.

  13. So painful to watch this. There is sone truth to what he says, but it is more confusing than enlightening. There is HUGE fundamentals to every major coin. He makes it sound like a gambling or popularity contest. This is complete and utter nonsense.

    Shitcoins are shitcoins, because they have shit fundamentals. For example the creators got 50% of them or they have rampant inflation or no innovation in regards to another coin. The coin with the safest, most long term fundamentals (Bitcoin) is therefore still market leader. The popularity contest is just a confounding factor in that.

  14. Yet cryptos do have fundamentals… these are newer than the traditional markets.

    Gold has fundamentals.
    – Gold takes
    — 1) knowledge to find the best gold deposits
    — 2) resources to extract and refine those deposits
    — 3) secure and store the refined metal(s).
    — 4) all this require energy, watts, power …

    BTC has fundamentals.
    – BTC takes
    — 1) finding the best reliable and inexpensive power
    — 2) machines to process, protect and/or mine for the network – efficiently (more hashes per watt)
    — 3) connected to the internet to participate in the network
    — 4) all this requires energy, watts, power, resources

    both have a cost/benefit for processors, miners, movers, security, custodians, etc…
    BTC, LTC and ETH 1.0 (and to an extent ETC the orginal chain) are digital
    – BTC, digital, secure, verifiable, 24/7/365.25 – around the world gold
    – LTC, digital, secure, private (privacy features were just added), verifiable, 24/7/365.25 – around the world silver.
    – ETH 1.0, digital, smart, Turing compliant, "internet computer" or "digital oil" – the fuel for smart contracts, basic logic and beyond.


  15. The average person does not want to buy stock or be involved in the stock market.

  16. I’ve sat here at my job at 35 and watched retiree after retiree die months after retirement. They worked their asses off to get to that point just to croak months after reaching the finish line.

    If there is any possibility I can maybe be early on something and put money in on it that I can afford to lose so I can walk in one day and take a big ole shit on all of upper managements desks then you better believe I’m gonna be involved in it.

  17. Being a Canadian and watching the incredible overreach of the government lately I am genuinely scared to the point that I’m looking to get completely out of these systems and go dark get off grid become self sufficient and get back some peace of mind. Nothing we have is really ours it’s just an illusion, when the government wants what we have they will just take it, it’s happening right before our eyes here in Canada. God help us!

  18. Proven fundamentals. You mean wallstreet will rape you three times over

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