Why Metaverse Real Estate Is Selling For Millions – Cheddar Explains [Versión Inglesa]

How much real money would you pay for a virtual plot of land? Developing technology is introducing everyone in the real world to new, virtual worlds, like Decentraland. In this metaverse economy, users are buying virtual real estate at high value – and it’s not just the average Joe that’s looking to invest. Company’s like Facebook are betting big.

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27 comentarios

  1. Correction: At 0:40, it is stated that the Ethereum blockchain settled $2.5tr of transactions in Q2 of 2021. The correct number is $777.1bn

  2. This is all getting out of hand. lol. What’s next

  3. Anyone seen adventure time where most humans were in pods wearing vr headsets. This is where it all started.

  4. Sure, spend millions on a fucking virtual game, while in the real world you have people living on the streets and people starving
    Shows how stupid people are…

  5. This would work if there was just 1 massive world size game but these are spread over multiple games and not worth it. Until there’s a proper high quality vr/ar world that is dedicated to being the main game for decades long, it’s not worth it

  6. but how does ine become a real estate agent in the metaverse.

  7. I make huge profits on my metaverse investment since i started trading with STELLAKATRINA, her trading strategies are top notch.

  8. Honestly at this point id rather we lived in an age with no internet. This is getting out of hand and exhausting to keep up with

  9. There is a site called IVMU,,,, it’s a one dimensional platform that you play on your desktop, and you can do everything on it from Vineland, meeting a girl and getting married, going to the dance club, joining different groups, and yes you can go shopping for everything but it cost money to buy the tokens in order to purchase a gift people, saw this Meta-verse concept is gonna get old really fast

  10. This is disgusting. There are real living children on this planet living on $5 a week. Stop wasting your money on fake trash and help people or animals.

  11. metaverse is the end of humanity

  12. I want it to be like Ready Player One, bUt LiKe NoT tHe BaD pArT tHoUgH…
    Okay or you want to own everything and turn people into mindless slaves that do little to nothing outside the Metaverse.

  13. I thought I was the only one that thought this is just absurd. Thankfully the comment section seems to agree as well. I mean the metaverse has a future, sure… as a communication tool, but buying "real" estate at $90,000. Idk…

  14. can i sell weed in the meta verse and the king of the canabis industry?
    can i create the next china or the next nyc?

  15. This is literally insane times we are living in and it will only get worse. What will happen is that you’ll eventually get these universes charging a monthly “maintenance fee” aka tax on anyone owning plots of land where you’ll have to pay just to access the “universe” so they can continue to “improve” their virtual world.
    You’ll then start seeing energy and water companies charging you per 1*1 of land you own to have a “virtually functioning house. Then you’ll get McDonalds making virtual cheeseburgers to keep your virtual avatar from dying/Game Over. Then for those of us who like to gamble, aka everyone currently on the platform, the likes of MGM setting up its Own Virtual Vegas where you can sip on a nice cold virtual beverage whilst losing “virtual”, sorry real, money on Roulette. Oh and how could I forget the car manufacturers selling the granddaddy of environmentally friendly vehicles, the top of the line virtual cars for your crib. The worlds gone mad!

  16. Good luck to all of those “investing” into virtual “assets”. I’ll stick to investing into the “old and traditional” assets, that last time I checked, we humans still need to survive in, such as a roof over our head. Unless of course we are in a simulation, then congrats, you win… 🏆

  17. LOL, he said an NFT is unique unlike a dollar bill for example. Actually every piece of physical currency has a serial number is unique. By the way it has real value too. I think I would rather live in the real world and not have my financial life virtually hacked and wiped out instantly. There is absolutely no regulatory laws in any of this NFT crap. Complete SCAM at this point.

  18. My grandad always said "Invest in land, because God ain't making any more it" Thanks be to fuck, he isnt around to see these god damn nerds making a liar of him

  19. Is it really so stupid as i imagine, or did i finally got so old that i got out of touch?

  20. What happens when you want to switch to another game? or the servers goes down? not so great then huh? Are you gonna have to store everything on a giant server from now on in your home ? I guess im just a fud not wanting to play around in 5fps of shitty streets

  21. "no big company pulling the strings". The most laughable statement concerning crypto that has ever been made. Who do you think owns the exchanges? the apps? the bulk of coins. This is so funny and out of touch with reality.

  22. Why? because we live in a bubble and people are stupid. video should have been 30 sec. rich people will always show that they have more money than you.

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