Why Metaverse is the Future of Work & How to get Rich from it [Versión Inglesa]

Most people don’t understand the metaverse, don’t be like most people!
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
Why Metaverse is the Future of Work?
How to get rich in the metaverse?
What is the metaverse?
Is Facebook building the metaverse?
Why is Facebook spending billions in the metaverse?
How to make money in the metaverse?
What is the Facebook “metaverse”?
Who is building the metaverse?
Who owns the metaverse?
Is metaverse real?
How to get rich in the metaverse?
What does metaverse mean?
Is Google making the metaverse?
Is Apple building the metaverse?
Is the metaverse a dystopian nightmare?
Is metaverse virtual reality?
What can you do in the metaverse?
What does metaverse mean?

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – The Multiverse
02:19 – The Metaverse
03:01 – Web 3.0
04:04 – NFT
05:59 – Virtual Reality
06:33 – Individual Ownership
07:43 – How can you profit

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41 comentarios

  1. Hey Aluxers, are you ready for the metaverse?
    Let us know if there is anything in this video you would like us to make a dedicated video on!

  2. This is why I've bought a lot of SAND, MANA, and MATIC Crypto. Along with buying 1 share of a Metaverse ETF every week, it came out in November it's $20 a share and I promise you it's only going up. And since Ethereum is used to purchase all NFTs, put $30-$50 into ETH every week. Get a head start my dudes!

  3. Mind boggling. Reality reimagined. A new level of consciousness.

  4. Metaverse is going to change the world. Say someone is physically disabled. Then the virtual world is a true gift for him/her to come out of their disabilities. Not only them, but anyone who is suppressed by their financial status, gender, relegion, etc can live a whole new life in the metaverse without these barriers. So dont call it a virtual world, its a "second life" for many…

  5. So y’all going sit in the house and be in a virtual world all day? Lmao fxck no COD better

  6. So metaverse is basically a video game? Lol

  7. Are there homeless people in the metaverse?

  8. This is very disgraceful and deceitful for Alux to hype such a thing as Metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg has a track record of lies and deceit. Guys listen to Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Bill Gates, Mrwhosetheboss and many experts warning about the metaverse and pay no heed to this channel. I wonder how much Mark Paid them to hype this thing of pure evil 👿. Stay away from it as nothing can replace the real world. Here a much honest video to watch about this metaverse. https://youtu.be/ LUo10K6R3fE and https://youtu.be/vhxVl6QEWL4

  9. In your song buying example (btw who even buys a song?) how do you listen to it without a platform? This example only seem to benefit the artist who already makes millions?

  10. This video make me more curious about metaverse

  11. What makes you think this piece of paper worths 100 dlls?
    The usa army does.

  12. What a great generation. Can't create nothing but virtual fantasies…i'll be glad to be dead by the time this whole shit absorbs humanity

  13. In just 12 weeks, METAPETS have achieved the following:

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  14. Now, all this covid, pandemic, vaccine mandate, etc makes sense… it is and it was all part of bigger upcoming agenda

  15. Distraction from the Christ and Christians…

  16. As clear is this video was imma dumbass and will have to watch at least 20 more times before I get the aha moment lol 😂

  17. All this kinda hinges on NFTs, but realistically, you can accomplish all this ownership without them (using the dollar, for example). The music example they gave is pretty bad. You use labels, distros, etc. because the music platforms that are the most widely used require them to put the song up. Meta or not, we won’t see what the video suggests until a cultural AND financial shift (independent of NFTs) happens, imo

  18. $230 billion success for us all.

  19. Universe of losers who can't get a girlfriend in real life. This is goin to fail big time.

  20. What about metaverse is the end of humanity because of how it will increase global warming dramatically?

  21. When you have to convince people in the video that metaverse it’s not a dystopian hell hole, it probably is.

  22. There is a one thing,you aren't homeless if you don't own a house in metaverse,think about it.
    Real value over Pixels

  23. There's one big problem, real life is just better

  24. im sorry bit deadmau5 was the first celeb to have a concert in a game

  25. In my experience, thus far, you don't get rich from the "metaverse".. you learn from it. The only things that will ever make you rich apart from winning the lottery or collecting an inheritance – Is smart work, hard work, smart investments, and a dedication to gaining of wealth.

  26. A total 9 minutes of explanation what web 3.0, crypto and nft is. But not a single reason why meta is going to be the one to be the default platform..

  27. Yeah a jump of -29% fall in the stock if it is something to be profitable it sure won't be with Mark at helm

  28. Metaverse is a scam. Stealing peoples natural sovereignty, controlled by a few technocrats, dishing out funny money for fake virtual existance. This is technocratic arrogance at it's height.

  29. Tech co has spent over a decade on VR/ AR, selling well in gaming and adult entertainment for long…

  30. Meta verse..is going to cause more harm than good, Is happening ryt now


  31. I'm good at building realistic Avatars on Second Life, maybe I can do that in Metaverse ? Is it working already. Would like to buy some land too. Anybody here can direct me ?

  32. the metaverse is a failure
    90%:of the earth

  33. THIS DOESNT WORK. See my channel for the real way to make money online

  34. There’s a lot of soon to be Dinosaurs in these comments unfortunately… But fortunately that leaves a group of us with a lot more land to explore and enjoy for ourselves in the Metaverse lol

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