We went to the METAVERSE to watch OpTic.. [Versión Inglesa]

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29 comentarios

  1. This was hilarious. Joining up next time for sure

  2. I lost it at the YMCA, everyone chimed in lmao

  3. This shit looks fun. Hope more people join or do their own with others when y’all aren’t there. Like a big one for champs

  4. This was actually super dope video idea!

  5. I went in Farcana to obtain the best experience in meta

  6. So sad I missed out on this! Hope there will be more

  7. this idea is really cool. but i think a watchparty or what you did in the HQ is way more intence, i think that has mutch more hype to it

  8. dude can u react to trixyblox Ultimate survival world builds pls bro waiting for the video

  9. This idea was actually so dope! Damn, I wish I had VR now.

  10. Ya'll are gonna fuck around and make me get a VR headset

  11. Not gonna lie… this is super dope!

  12. I think its time to start making a custom optic theater in blender..

  13. yes this is the best thing ever

  14. you're really awesome dude, hopefully you'll have a review bout METAGODS 🚀

  15. is this on the oculus quest 2?

  16. Gotta get those VR and meta verse hashtags going to juice the algo

  17. This is the best video I’ve seen 😂😂😂😂

  18. This is sooo dope I wish I had a VR set to join

  19. Lets gooo!!! Love the reactions videos to the matches.

  20. Gotta make this a recurring thing, it's so good! 😂

  21. Bro this way of viewing content could blow up

  22. This definitely lived up to expectations! What an awesome idea! Now I need a VR headset so I can be apart of this. What kind of VR headset should I get? What do you need to do this properly?

  23. Soooo dope. Y’all are just entertaining af

  24. One of the best videos on youtube.

  25. This is the most ive laughed at a video in a while man lmao

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