The possibilities of the metaverse are endless [Versión Inglesa]

The Omniverse and Metaverse were the buzzwords of 2021, as they both quickly rose in popularity.

But do you know what they are and what their differences and similarities are?

Watch this video to find out.

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  1. People will become even more preoccupied with interactive activities that are in relation to things conjured up in a synthesized environment rather than their natural environment.
    They may risk the loss of a more meaningful life involving their own unique identity in relation to others. Their existence won’t be as apparent as it would otherwise be.
    That’s not to say it’s all bad but it has to be identified for what it is. It may be beneficial for some things but may have undesired effects for some things as well.
    It’s subject to the garbage in garbage out reality
    Some people will retreat to it as a sort of non chemical escape mechanism or use it with drugs for the ultimate short term escape from reality session

  2. Explain about MarkMeta in your next video

  3. As more and more details about Metaverse comes out into the general public, the more Ready Player One seems to be a possibility in a few years time.

  4. The possibilities are endless, but currently all options are trumpet by rec room and VR chat, which is kinda pathetic

  5. What do we actually want? (Pizza, I know : ), but what else?)
    We are at the beginning of the next big step,
    a whole new dimension of interconnectedness is emerging: the metaverse,
    the next stage of the Internet, the next great digital revolution.
    The question that now inevitably arises for us is:
    What do we actually want?

    Facebook, now Meta, recently announced its vision of this new digital world,
    numerous other corporations also delivered concepts, and now it's up to us to choose,
    but to do so, we first need to clarify the one central question:
    What do we actually want?

    Do we want a metaverse that spies on us, listens to us and controls us
    knowing more about us than our best friends, our family, ourselves?
    Do we want a world that has been commercialized down to the very last corner
    full of alternative-less continuous advertising and senselessly overpriced NFTs?
    To be honest, I still don't understand why, for example, digital building land is being
    sold for real money, when it can be duplicated for free,
    I thought that was the great thing about the Internet: Sharing things increases them
    not diminish them, so why exclude people, why limit creativity?

    Do we want a world full of hate and agitation?
    Do we want pay-to-win, lootboxes, digital gambling, digital one-armed bandits?
    The concept of the metaverse is not without reason often explained on the basis of computer games:
    Meet friends, play and have fun in digital space.
    And numerous companies themselves have also presented plans for their metaverse,
    but it is important to remember: these are the same companies
    who, in the past, have always put their own profit before the interests of the player,
    why should they do it differently in the future?

    Do we want a world dominated by large corporations,
    which think only of their share prices, of the bankers, stockbrokers and hedge funds?
    Facebook and Co had their chance, we were all able to see what the result was.
    When following current events, it is already noticeable,
    that many familiar mistakes from the early days of the Internet are threatening to repeat themselves,
    Monopolies, created by network effects, control the Internet
    and, as we increasingly spend our daily lives in the digital space, our real lives as well.

    Whoever creates a digital world has power, just as it does with the real world.
    The question now is to whom we want to grant this power; the question is:
    What do we actually want? What kind of future do we actually want?

    Shouldn't decisions in the digital realm be made democratically, as they are in the real world?
    Shouldn't the power belong to the users?
    We are faced with a choice, what kind of future do we want?
    Do we want to leave the field to large corporations
    or do we want to take our fate into our own hands?

    I cannot (and do not want to) imagine being the only one who looks for a better (digital) future
    and have therefore been working on concrete ideas for this for quite some time.

    We want an open metaverse, a metaverse by the people for the people.
    We want a democratic metaverse, in which all decisions are made by elections
    by the users themselves, in which all positions are given by the users through elections too.

    We want to create trust through openness, absolute transparency and clear communication.
    We want a metaverse that is open to everyone,
    regardless of income and ability to pay.
    We want a metaverse in which everyone is free to express themselves
    and where creativity is unrestricted, is limitless.

    We want a metaverse in which everyone can freely contribute,
    to which everyone can contribute his own part, we don't want to create just any digital space,
    we want to create, together with you, all united, our common (digital) future.
    We want to realize the best ideas in the world together with you,
    we want to serve you, we want to serve the users, we want to serve humanity.

    Yes, I am also just some generic guy from the Internet,
    not very good at anything, but fortunately this is really not about me,
    it's about us, it's about the idea and if you like the idea, participate!
    Join us! Let's create a better world together!
    Alone we may each be just some random guys,
    but together we have the potential, we have the power to change the world!

    Get involved, every single snippet of code, every line of text, 2D and 3D art,
    every pixel drawn, every tiny contribution, every step no matter how small
    brings us all together closer to the goal.
    You are busy with all kinds of things and really don't have time?
    Then support the project with a donation!
    Network with us on social media (#TramannGroup),
    make suggestions, express criticism, give feedback,
    because only this way it is possible for all of us to constantly improve and grow together.

    Make suggestions, talk and network with like-minded people
    and last but not least: spread the idea, so as many people as possible can get to know about it
    and can get the chance to participate and build with all of us our common metaverse.
    Share this article, share this text and talk about it with others!
    Together we can change the world!

  6. Thank you for sharing these bro! My pick for 2022 is Meta Triads NFT – a fashion and tech inspired Marketplace that launches in Decentraland, Sandbox and the real world through merchandise, 2022 already seems so much more advanced than last year! Any more projects with an Interverse market launch integrating all three worlds into an innovative one-stop shop?

  7. Thanks for the video, I am wondering how the recent ETH price drop will affect the overall NFT market? I am planning on Buying a Meta Triad NFT once it drops in Feb. Any thoughts on how they will do?

  8. This is so cool! Love that utility NFTs are picking up. 2022 should be the year of utility NFTs!! Additionally, I have heard that some projects like Meta Triads, which combine Metaverse, AR and Physical worlds, are also introducing breeding in the future – just like Bored Ape Yacht Club.

  9. This is amazingly on point video! It seems to me that corporations are on their way out, and a decentralized way of living is paving its way. I have the luck to witness the growth process for Meta Triads – a metaverse utility Fashion NFT.They're building a multi bridge into Metaverses, VR and physical fashion worlds + providing the holders with the ability to be the project shareholders. Love that projects like these help me distinguish between purely hype projects vs quality ones with longer life and potential.

  10. This is amazingly on point video! It seems to me that corporations are on their way out, and a decentralized way of living is paving its way. I have the luck to witness the growth process for Meta Triads – a metaverse utility Fashion NFT.They're building a multi bridge into Metaverses, VR and physical fashion worlds + providing the holders with the ability to be the project shareholders. Love that projects like these help me distinguish between purely hype projects vs quality ones with longer life and potential.

  11. Thank you for sharing your vision man, always so informative and backed up by arguments! I really want to get into deep research in Feb. It's just with coins, the hype of utility NFTs and now the whole metaverse talk, it is becoming too hard to focus on one specific topic. I decided to dedicate this week to utility NFTs and this is my pick is Meta Triads. It will be an insane buy once it drops, created by ex employees of Google, IBM, Gucci, Chanel and so much more. I think it will be the next big thing. If you're into Fashion and tech definitely have a look at the project.

  12. Glad to see you back! Speaking of fashion NFTs, The hype around them seems to be hitting an all time high on the daily at this point. Any thoughts on how Meta Triads will do anyone? I am considering buying the project. It's a Fashion and Tech inspired Nft, they announced that each NFT owner becomes the shareholder of the project to benefit from profits!! More similar projects?

  13. I love the wait y Brett always highlights the team behind each project. It is ridiculous how much attention people pay to the art side of things and how undermined are actual people who work on the project and decide its faith. Investigating the team behind the small ambitious projects like Metatriads instead of just looking at art and white-paper is the way you can look at NFT as an investment and not just a gamble.

  14. The metaverse is just a tax on brain-damaged people. If you've invested then I've got some news for you

  15. This is a step to disaster 😡😡😡

  16. Ernest Cline has predicted this, and adapted by Spielberg, Ready Player One, in the story when a player has debt to IOI company, they have to do the mining too.

  17. Facebook wanted to sell oculus quests to millions of people and this is how. It’s terrible as you could enjoy this with chat vr.

  18. In metaverse, when Russia joins in, will it still be a virtual threat to Ukraine's avatar and all freedom-loving avatars all over metaland and will NATO avatar be able to reach Moscow with their NFT missiles?

  19. This video was super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to create it!

  20. Extremely informative video and has helped me take my first step into this new space. Thank you!

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