The new metaverse gold rush [Versión Inglesa]

Tech companies like Meta and Microsoft are betting big on the metaverse. But what exactly is the metaverse? It’s more complicated, older, and less inevitable than it sounds.

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29 comentarios

  1. To what extent do you see the Metaverse being a part of your life in the future?

  2. This guy is worse than any tobacco company so why is he allowed to target children?

  3. Metaverse looking like an expanded version of VR Chat. Hopefully once it fully launches we get to see how it can be truly impactful towards the AR and VR space!

  4. Sounds little bulshit when we try to increase security and hide in avatars. However we are creating virtual or artificial worlds instead of digitalize world around us. And VR without something like neurolink is bulshit either.

  5. i do not want to be a part of this

  6. i see so much potential with this. As the tech improves there will be more immersion. I hope to learn more.

  7. I think I prefer the way VR is right now. Just quickly hopping on for an hour, meeting up with friends, playing some games, and then calling it a day. Very simple stuff.
    VR is already pretty underappreciated by the mainstream. You gotta realize, if this whole Metaverse thing flops, it could totally screw up the industry's reputation.

  8. I have no faith that the metaverse will go anywhere in the near future.

  9. It must be banned at the start….. it only encourages LOT LOT LOT of nerdy freaks…

  10. This is an Amazing & Wonderful Video on The MetaVerse…😝😝👻👽

  11. Behind Facebook and WiseBanc even Google Hides a Criminal Syndicate and Network Controls You and All Your Movements Led by the Rothschild Clan!We Live in a Completely Corrupt World!

  12. As a gamer in my 20s I would imagine me and my friends should be a target audience for this, but literally nobody I know is hyped about the metaverse. I am personally rooting for it to flop, but I have a feeling older people will like it because they haven't heard of minecraft or MMOs yet. Either way seems like the lamest, most expensive game ever made.

  13. beeping had me thinking my microwave was going off

  14. Better make a game console designed for that purpose, as to educational purposes, individually packaged, sold, and shipped, to serve its purpose, than to rely on internet service, since this is being " hooked" addiction similar to M.L that did not do anything good to the lives of students. Mark, at these times, each individual needs to identify themselves, their abilities, capabilities and all things that each is capable of exploring, doing, and enriching without the neglect of their most precious time, for it is a time for every purpose, under the heaven, and in all foundations, redwood trees has to grow, farms and farmlands need to be cultivated, rural and urban areas has to be cleaned for them not to be in decay/abandonment, make it personalized, accordingly-each. GM.

  15. Working in the metaverse will be more like helping a robot flip burgers remotely. 🙃

  16. it may be that today's generations never warm up to the idea of the metaverse, but i'm worried that children might. either gen alpha will go out of their way to be the opposite of millennials, in the sense of valuing real-life relationships above all else and having zero interest in social media, or they'll grow up in the metaverse and never get to know the world outside.

  17. I HATE how this large channel made the icon for this video read “Zuckerberg’s metaverse” Facebook did not invent the metaverse, and they don’t control it, so please stop playing into their trap and conveying the message as if they do; that’s the only reason they changed their name. Just stealing credit AGAIN

  18. im from the future – it will kick off in 2027

  19. Hold up you’re saying that’s the best version of it no let’s talk about vr chat because I think that is closer to what we’re looking for in a matter of like ready player one

  20. Everyone knows this is going to fail. But everyone wants to ride the train to make a quick buck before it fails.

  21. Can't trust Zuckerberg with anything. Hard pass on the Metaverse.

  22. I'm glad I'm going to be dead before all of this stupidity takes over.

  23. Never. I hate online advertisement and this makes it worse. I'm going to hug the tree in my yard now. 🌳

  24. The people on this video look sooo creepy

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