The Metaverse Is Worse Than You Thought [Versión Inglesa]

The Metaverse Is Pure Evil…

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The Metaverse will bring about a new age of society. The Metaverse makes money from your suffering. Mark Zuckerberg created the Metaverse as a new business to make money from your depressed and lonely life. Mark Zuckerberg wants the metaverse to make money from his users privacy and data which poses a big threat to the world. This video goes over the metaverse and what it means for religion, economics, business and society. There is lots of money and wealth to be made which is why Justin Bieber performed in the Metaverse and Snoop Dog is buying up land in the metaverse. This is how Metaverse makes money. So watch as I explain the truth behind Facebook’s meta rebranding and why Metaverse is bad.


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  1. Support the channel here (all funds go back into the channel):

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  2. The problem the metaverse it's don't have real people there only just avatars. No one likes meet someone else have no face.

  3. You cant loose if you don’t play the game.

  4. Zuckerberg is a clown if he thinks he can bring in enough people to have total control over the world

  5. Bruh this guy is defo gonna disappear in like the next 5 years

  6. im 17 and i already feel 80 watching this, i feel old and cant understand why anybody would want this just like how 80 years dont under why we would use phones, this is scary

  7. this is so fucking tterrifying

  8. The things you describe that Mark wants are the same every authoritarian leader of every country ever wanted. Ruling the Metaverse is pretty close to ruling a country

  9. 3:55 does anyone know the name of the movie/series shown here?

  10. Fcukers…wanna make normal humans as slaves

  11. Hey there buddy you have the wrong political opinion so now you're banned from the metaverse. Also you're Apple I-house that powers your future has locked itself forever because of calling someone a mean name so now you're homeless too.

  12. Are you ready, player one? For the collapse of actual society? Fuck censorship. You people who want to live online better hope there is never a power outage.

  13. All i see is another reason to switch to arch linux

  14. Welcome to metaverse here you can be who ever the fuck you want. Maeve

  15. Facebook has my data since I was 14 years old. They know who's my friend , and my location ,personal information, what am I should be with their products and makes a Metaverse for me and everyone .

  16. The only people enslaved by the metaverse are those empty or mindless enough to join the metaverse. Those who don't engage in toxic behavior are unconcerned.

  17. So we just chillin in black mirror huh

  18. Second Life is a very well balanced and fully fledged Metaverse, since 2003, a proof of concept for all the aspects you talked about, your answers are all there, except for the silly goggles

  19. This shouldn't have billions of views

  20. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

    The start of "having something not real that feels like something extremely important" are NFTs.

  21. I think you are overthinking and why would anyone use metaverse its boring. Shame
    Zuck lacks one thing he can't buy creativity.

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