The Metaverse could be a problem. [Versión Inglesa]

Facebook has changed to Meta, because they’re building the Metaverse. This is going to change our lives. Here’s how. To protect your data in the new uncertain world, hit the link:

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45 comentarios

  1. I will pass on this useless idea. I will just go do the real thing and stay in shape.

  2. nice video! but i hate this concept. it sounds like a nightmare. why would anybody want to spend more time in the metaverse than in the real life? it scares me, and I don't want to live in a reality where your virtual appearance is more important than how you.. actually look. you know, in real life

  3. What stupid wishy-washy deception !. Bogus conterfeit , Virtual reality of the real you soul !. Lie is truth misrepresented !. Virtual reality is soul perverted !.

  4. Freaking love this. I cant wait to own this

  5. Finally i can be a thief or an operative that steals from banks

  6. So ,how you eat then.when everyone get addicted ? Who will work physically ? Like farming.i say,this tech is hazardous to health.nxt time you know,zuckerberg own you.and you will be another zucker of his addicting tech.nobodu wants to leave in wonderland and just become another vegetable.

  7. So GTA 5 is metaverse as well then correct?

  8. RP games exist this is just the next level, if u hate your life the metavers is not the problem. You are

  9. Its destroying and fearful.. but at the same time comfort from your own place..

  10. Remember when anime fans joked about SAO happening.

  11. 8:10 I guess feels good to learning programming… i guess
    My eyes a watering and i don't know how to feel about this

  12. So excited for the meta verse!
    This will revolutionize work and study!

  13. Yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. i already unsubscribe to Facebook & will say no to mark new project!! You should too!!

  14. 4:33 when you meet Jesus in VR, bow down and start singing at the top of your lungs, and then someone walks in

  15. They should make the avatars appear how we look like in reality and then just offer very expensive plastic surgery in the virtual world.

  16. The book and movie “Ready Player 1” basically predicts all of this meta verse future, I recommend you go check it out.

  17. the mistake that Facebook made is that they made people actually scared for a moment and now they're falling apart

  18. From now Facebook will know even if you just blink or breath. All your feelings will be uncovered front of bigtech. No freedom any more. They can spy on us better than ever before.
    The technology is beautiful behind it but these greedy companies ruin everything. So sad 🙁

  19. Take the entire video and sum up the complete thing with this sentence…
    '…but, it's absolutely fake'.

    I have zero (absolutely ZERO) desire to use my one short life to not live it.

    And, no, you won't be able to 'live in a world created by you' at all. Never ever.
    Because if you expect to spend time with friends, family, etc., you'll HAVE TO (just like the real world) share their world. You can't expect to create a world and then say, 'okay everybody. Let's all live in MY world because it's where I WANT to be…'

    Nah. I will do everything in my power to never be part of this.

  20. I would rather live in 19th century or 18th century than metaverse.
    (I said that because meta could ruin history. Imagine that you live in metaverse in 22nd century and EVERYING is online. How would people produce or how would houses be build if everyone is online? Every historic event from far past till today will be lost in time . People will lose interest in learning(real life geography and history) and everyone will lose the abilities to write on paper. Examples are paintings. Nowadays people draw on internet programs(Photoshop and etc.). People that draw on paper put more time. You can't undo watercolors if you mess up like in photoshop. I know people live better now than in 19th or 18th century. We don't live in caves like in past, but we live relying on internet and fake articles. We are brainwashed by companies(Twitter, Amazon, Meta etc.). If there is no people working in real life jobs economy will fall. Every achievement in history will be treated like it never happened. If there is an earthquake in some part of world. How would people react? Just run, hide or keep having vr on their faces? We can't let meta control us and our future! We need to build colonies on mars or moon. We don't even know our oceans and seas well enough and we try to make other world? We need to make better future for next generations to come.)

    Sorry for my bad english.

  21. Metaverse is literally the definition of the phrase " Fake it till you make it "


  22. Isn't the last thing ready player 1

  23. Doesn’t it feel like “the Matrix” plot is what comes after “the Metaverse” takes over and needs whatever comes next?
    We won’t need bodies, just brains plugged in.

  24. 2:55 If the tech doesn’t feel invasive, I would love the chance to be free for a minute or two

    I’m a cripple because of a spine disorder that broke 10 vertebrae. I have 20 screws and 2 rods with 2 connectors for the top and bottom.
    I was a competitive downhill skier in my youth. I could only describe the speed as flying. I felt most free at 60mph with my legs as the only engine. It would allow people trapped in their pain filled, broken bodies to feel something, maybe for a moment, that is long gone for me.

    Great video as always 👍

  25. Naruto Fans can relate….., Zuckerberg is being Madara… what's he's isn't even worth of being tho…..

  26. Every video I watch of him…. I die of Rick roll

  27. Lmao imagine a metaverse election, A bunch of different species of animals interrupting each other.. Omg the furries will make this shit zootopia..

  28. "EMG"? You guys want my impulse?
    Be my guest.

  29. Very soon the world will be like a ghost town with everyone inside the metaverse

  30. It wont work people are waking up to the fact that Facebook or “meta” is trying to control every aspect of our lives…. I want to see Facebook or “meta” burn 🔥

  31. Sounds like a very realistic polished version of rec room or vr chat 🤷‍♀️

  32. Transactions the though banks is literally better than crypto. Crypto is completely unnecessary

  33. Metaverse is copying sword art online

  34. The Headset from meta can ristrict blood flow in your brain if you use it long enough

  35. i think the metaverse is greater but i hope they do something about some health issues like using the device alot

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