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0:00 Intro
1:20 NFT Market Overview
2:20 The NFT Concept
5:00 NFT Market Analysis
7:30 Whitelisting
11:08 NFTs At Mint
14:05 NFTs On The Secondary Market
16:55 Trading Volume And Market Cap
19:21 Conclusion


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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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42 comentarios

  1. Hope you guys find the video useful! Remember those gas fees in your profitability calculations! Don't forget that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are missing here 👉 You may also be interested in my clips channel which has behind the scenes bits and shorter form content

  2. His T-shirt says something about a Hot Financial Advisor wearing shades… I'll take this as Financial Advice!!

  3. People dunk on NFT-bros because of monkey pictures, but you can put full software, licence keys etc. into an NFT. So let's say you buy your own copy / licence of Windows, FL Studio, video game etc. as an NFT-file, you could then re-sell it like you would a used car or any other item that you don't use anymore.

    I honestly think this would make people a lot more interested about the concept, because then you would actually own the asset, not tied to a platform like a video game on Steam, not guaranteed that it will be available forever. But you'd own that asset on your wallet on blockchain and you'd have confirmation that the asset your selling is a legit copy.

    Does that sound too far-fetched?

  4. Thank you for the video Guy! As someone who trades NFTs on Cardano, it was really interesting to see how it's done on Ethereum as it's a more mature market. While I appreciate Ethereum is where things are happening, it'd have been useful to mention other chains. The ETH gas fees can put off more modest investors and they should know there are other networks where they are almost inexistent.

  5. Will you be making more nfts?

  6. Any thoughts on the 'Psychedelics Anonymous' collection? 😀
    Seems like a promising project!

  7. Where can I go to buy, trade and sell nfts?

  8. I love that you are putting content on this subject. Most of the time it feels the space is saturated with " under age" "rug pulling" "bruh mentality" "degenerative investment attitude" dudes. Finally an adult talking about NFTs and actually giving techincal analysis and valuable strategies. 👏

  9. Dislike not all NFT are good
    this is all hype


  11. IMO only the blue chip PFP NFTs will still be around in 10 years time. The rest will be dead and there will only be "bag holders" who tried to flip and failed. The future of NFTs are in genuine use cases such as gaming.

  12. NFT's are the framework for WEB 3.0

  13. Thanks for the info. It will be good if you can go over the top NFTs for each Blockchain. Cardano, Solana etc.

  14. So useful mate! Thanks for sharing. Btw try to trade in MEXC its a good exchange ngl

  15. you can now practice your crypto trades, test your skills and win some real cash with very little risk at the rankusers (Daily Fantasy Crypto) site.

  16. NFTs are the worst. It’s a game of hot potato and you do to want to be left with the cold one no one wants. NFT might make you money but just don’t be the last one holding it.

  17. Very unpopular opinion – most NFT holders are influencers hoping to make a quick buck and 99% of all NFTs will bust. I heard someone say recently that NFTs are the new BTC – in terms of the craze. I understand why he thinks this, but I don't understand why so many see this as "a way to get rich". BTC was created as an alternative to fiat, didn't have backing from elitist celebrities and influencers. Perhaps that is wrong. Perhaps NFT holders will make a 10x on their investment in 15 years. Is that really a big enough return? Perhaps most of the NFT value will eventually pour into real-world projects.

  18. NFTs are not supposed to be random jpegs. These are a degen bubble and nothing more.
    The purpose of NFTs is something completely different, and incredibly valuable and society-changing.
    I look forward to the day when all the degen kiddies lose all their $$$ when this NFT jpeg nonsense pops.

  19. Check out Algorand NFTs, the are so cool and plenty of opportunity to buy at various price levels. Also gas fees are non existent. Think of it as free shipping.

  20. guy can you please do an in depth of ALCHEMY PAY ACH? 😃

  21. Then you flip a couple nfts for a few grand, then a month later they're worth life changing money. Ouch.

  22. I I Captain Guy. No endorsement of any slice of the NFT pie… 😝

  23. NFT market is rigged bro top 5% make most of the gains and most of that is wash trading, confirmed by the fact that always the same notorious addresses move most of the volume. Def not gonna mess with that until the market matures

  24. Hello, how do we cooperate for a video advertisement on your side?

  25. Hey! Would be awesome if you make a response video to "Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs" video by Folding Ideas channel. 😀

  26. Searching for the next blue chip 🤩🤩

  27. I would have to assume that in 10 years, people who held will have a better chance of selling for profit. It’s still too early to know.

  28. NFTs will be a big market. But it's a game of hot potato with the stuff that's out there right now, and while bitcoin may go through massive loses in valuation I don't see these ever bouncing back significantly enough. It'd be like buying gold in 1980. Even if the price tag ever gets back high enough to break even, by the time you account for inflation you'd still be down over 50%. So, 2-3 years in this economy 🙂

  29. Guy, would you consider doing a segment on Reflection tokens such as EGC, Safemoon and/or others? Would love to hear your take on these. Their use of real world utilities to reward holders and buy back and burn sounds like an exciting concept.

  30. Guy can u please do a video on nft project called mad v apes it’s on VeChain

  31. I heard for several weeks about bored apes prior to the mint from Jrny Crypto and thought like a lot of folks in these comments that it was nonsense. Could not wrap my head around why a jpeg would be profitable. Deeply regret not taking the time for a deep dive researching why he felt so strongly we should consider participating in this mint. There are NFTs that are going to provide regular income as a result of initially providing capital investment into their projects; there are status symbol pfp’s; there are NFTs that will become collectibles down the road. Numerous other scenarios for how many NFT projects are/will be profitable. This video is not shilling anything, he is giving facts on something happening right now. You can bury your head in the sand or start doing research into why this technology is yielding such enormous gains and try to capitalize on it while managing your risk.

  32. Most people will not get rich with NFTs because they cannot see the potential. The rest of us are learning and making money. NFTs at the very least are access to exclusive clubs whose value add is information and mutual support, some of it from very high achieving people. Then there is the programmability of NFTs, which has hardly even begun. Imo, get in early, take risks, or have fun staying poor. People can get wealthy from investing in potential before the mainstream media 'gets it' a few years down the line.

  33. Can I request a video on certik that does audit on cryptos?

  34. great to see you joining the NFT wagon, and providing great value along the way as usual

  35. I dont know how to trade jpeg's, sorry guys. I'm not into any kind of art not even digital, total noob! Not interested, never was…Maybe automotive art .. But that's it. Dont know dont care.

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