NFT Cringe

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NFTs are weird let’s make fun







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comment “this video was very fungible” if ur reading this



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  1. You know how professional and serious the meta girlfriends people are because they misspelled “waist” as “waste” literally every time they say it on their website. awesome.

  2. I accidentally disliked this video but I fixed it, am I still a citizen or Kurtis town?

  3. The reason the meta verse and krypto and nfts will never take over is because it will be unavailable to majority of the world who do not have access to internet or smart phones, or third world countries

  4. I’m worried about the direction society is heading.

  5. as a digital artist (drawing and digital paintings and stuff like that) it hurts to see these nft artists making so very much money from such low effort

    i think the ape nft looks pretty good on its own, I like the exaggerated style it's in. but then each nft is just such low effort, literally just throwing random premade pngs on a canvas and selling it for hundreds of dollars

    meanwhile I do a fully illustrated and a c t u a l l y unique drawing (as in I don't reuse any parts of my previous drawings) and get absolutely nothing. even on the extremely rare occasion someone actually commissions me (I've had them open for years but have only gotten 3 commissions, all of which were from friends) I'll get like. $30 for a fullbody fully colored and shaded drawing

  6. hazah I know that wayback machine exists

  7. the green screen bit LMFAO

  8. Do… do they think that having unique accessories is a personality?

  9. He looks like if Weird AL were born a millennial

  10. I want to know what the redacted word was

  11. I definitely wouldn’t get into NFTs just for the sake that most are beyond expensive. I do think buying art on its own is a cool thing. But I think it’d be cool if they had like a pack you could buy just like Pokémon cards. Totally random and can give just less rare cards(NFTs) or the small chance there’s a super rare card (NFT). They could charge like 20$ a pack or somethin like that idk. I’d buy a pack every once in awhile cause you could literally be collecting little arts or music or whatever kinda art medium really. Could be cooool

  12. Curtis, I love you and your content but the mullet and mustache duo has to go, its giving I want to kidnap your child the old fashion "do you want some candy" way

  13. i dont think these people know that hentai is free so why buy a drawn NSFW NFT

  14. Bruh, metagirlfriends lmfao Bois you're down bad

  15. this video was very fungible

  16. "what would the world be without the mona lisa? or the ballad of mona lisa by panic at the disco?"
    this had me giggling lmao

  17. I don’t know who Gary v is. Byeeeeeee

  18. Call me stupid, but ****Screeshots it***

  19. I know so many artist who work so hard and make so little. This really annoys me just how nfts just devalues at the work they do

  20. Noo kurtis don't cut your hair. This past year I've got soo used to it, Iactually like a LOT DONT CUT IT please and thank you🙏🏾

  21. this video was very fungible

  22. I just preordered the kiwi plush! Im so excited

  23. this whole video slapped but i liked for the dorian grey ref

  24. this video is very fungible 😀

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