NFT And Blockchain Explained In Nepali

NFT is a term that is pretty much grabbing the attention of many people around the globe these days. In this video, I explain to you What NFT is, which technology is used behind NFT, and what is the relation between NFT and Blockchain technology. Also, NFT is something that is giving artists to make some passive income by selling their unique pieces of art.

Although NFTs works with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrencies are meant to be illegal in Nepal, it is very important for us to learn about it and know the trendy technology. That was the primary motive for creating this video, to give information about the recent trend in the technology world.

What do you think about NFTs and Blockchain technology? Feel free to drop you view in the comment section below.

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21 comentarios

  1. 10:25 we can see the disappointment in his face while saying cryptocurrency is illegal in Nepal. Nepal Government should do some research and take some steps for regulations of cryptocurrency. Barring the use of cryptocurrency being clueless shows how much our government is backward in accepting new technology and laws are very old to understand evolving technologies. Cryptocurrency, NFT, Metaverse are now almost inevitable in the world the more we make late to accept these things and implement it with proper laws the more we will be behind the other countries. India and China our neighbouring countries are doing some research and takiing small steps towards how they can get benefit from this technology. They are in process of developing their own digital currency. India had made the trading of cryptocurrency legal and is in preparation of launching their own digital coin. China now had banned crypto but had taken a lot of benefit by mining of crypto in past and now it has almost developed their coin, it is in testing phase.
    So, Proper Research and Amendment in law which were made even before the lauch of internet is to be done and should be properly regulated. Time has now come to understand the possibility of crypto,NFT,Metaverse etc. Barring is not only the way out. If it is to be banned the reason should be convincing for the citizens.
    Hope, It will be legalized soon.

  2. Hi just want to understand how can I make nft on my own

  3. Thanks for this vedio brother. after I went in abroad and make this types of creations hehe. This is helpful hai 😸

  4. Crypto snga related raixa aba try garay rw ni k Kam 🤧

  5. Bro aafno art lai nft ma karcha garda aafno paisa karcha hunxa knai?

  6. Dai nepak ma aajei legl xa ki nai NFT?

  7. Is NFT legal in our country Nepal? i dont think so that NFT, Crypto,blockchain are legalized in Nepal ..but it should be legal in our country too

  8. I don't mean to be offensive , but man it's good that nft and crypto are illegal in Nepal .It's beacause the whole nft thing ultimately means that a bunch of computers (acting as blocks in block chain , in this case etherium blockchain ) are keeping record of the transaction between random jpg/gif and etherium , in the end this whole thing uses a heck a lot of energy which is around 79.69 Twh of electricity for just a digital jpeg . In current situtation this nft and crypto hype is only making use of tech and electriciy where electricity is produced using fossil fuel , which pollutes out environment.

  9. blockchain बारे सरल भाषामा भिडियो बनाउनु सर ।

  10. digital art matrai aafaile banayeko art chai hudaina ?

  11. Mailey nepal bata banaera bechna rakhyo vaney kosailey paisa comission liyera malai provide garna mildaina ra…

  12. Sir Blockchain developer banna +2 ma k linu parxa😳

  13. hait bro copy paste garda hunna ra tetro paisa halera k kinnu

  14. Nepali Government lai afule nabujne chij jati sabai illegal

  15. Nepal ma khate haru manche dhani nabhaune bho

  16. So informative man…

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