Metaverse VR: Demo Experience [Versión Inglesa]

Mark Zuckerberg invites you to his shared Metaverse VR space.


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also zimo goated for helping figure out a solution to the processing issue
Sound effects:


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  1. Before you watch:

    – Watch in full screen
    – Zoom out fully (it starts slightly zoomed in)
    – Watch in 4k. If you don't, the quality will be a bit shitty because at any given moment you're just watching a section of the 4k video because it's just a 4k video mapped onto a sphere basically
    – Use a stereo/surround speaker system, sounds should be fixed in 3d space when you rotate/look around which sounds epic

    Hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. My phone froze at 1:16

    mom come pick me up im scared

  3. If metaverse was like this i would be in metaverse 100 days without taking my headset ONE time ofd

  4. The fact that i chose to deny and it happened was pretty creepy😂

  5. What the fuck i just watched?

  6. When you are trying to make metaverse but this is just 8 bit.

  7. Nah, no logout button is worse

  8. At 1:22 if you turn all the way around away from Mark, it says “society”

  9. The jokes on the I dont have a wooden door

  10. accurate depiction of how his hellhole would be

  11. how? how did it know I did not accept the sweet baby ray's sauce?

  12. this is real if this thing corrupts

  13. Bro I saw you peaking over were your the hitman!

  14. Did anyone else see the “if you die in the meta verse you also die in real life”

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