Metaverse Just Got 10x Worse.. [Versión Inglesa]


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36 comentarios

  1. If people thought this was a good idea ready player one would be a movie about real life

  2. People made me believe that he actually was an AI lol

  3. I see you shaved you got that clean smooth baby face

  4. I can commit arson and get away with it now

  5. Even if I didn't feel sick in VR, I would never touch Metaverse
    It's like Roblox mixed with VR chat if only the bad parts remained but 10x worse and with extra bad things
    Also it cannot be good for your eyes to live in VR

  6. Both VR Chat and Rec Room are WAY better

  7. Ok guys own up. I thought we specified that billionaires aren’t allowed to watch the Matrix! We knew this would happen.

  8. He’s trying desperately to be James Halliday

  9. First of all why the hell is zicker burg making metaverse its stupid sinve wearing a headset and working in virtual is dangerous for people that is working:engineers,pilots,surgen,mechanics or other thing i dont know but its still stupid and dangerous

    And also imagine smashing a virtual woman girl never mind just to open your headset and seeing there is no ones there

  10. 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  11. Ah, here we go again to see the metaverse and not see Zucc make his own religion

  12. Sad thing is I have an uncle who is pretty promonant in the whole Meta project. For him, he just sees it as a super fun dream come true; getting to work on a virtual world full of tuns of fun games. The people behind this aren't really malicious. At least, for people like my uncle, it's just an exciting job, trying to do something that hasn't been done before. But, that being said… yeah Metaverse kinda cring not gunna lie.

  13. The lizard guy got a software update

  14. wow replace the p with m in this guys name 😆 😂 😝😎😭🤪🤪😭 like if you agree guys he is really sus!!
    (If u do not get the joke it is
    from among us lol)
    Please like guys it took me many moons to come up with this joke. How has nobody think of this hilarious joke before? This guys fans must be really small brain people, or i am just on another level of brain power (i have an iq of 168) so that might be liekly 🤓 (that is a representation ofme)
    Please like guys i am so smart!!


  15. It’s literally VR chat but shitty unironically

  16. Doing crimes in the metaverse rn

  17. imagine needing to… how do they call it… move your hands over your eyes to remove itch?
    yea I'm not english

  18. Jesus christ, VR Chat is better than "Meta"

  19. I think it wuold be like some sort of videogame, that you don't pass your entire life in it but just a few hours

  20. but I think a good idea is to use a vr headset instead of a monitor since then we have zero bezels, can optimize graphics better in gaming and is a little more portable, and lastly you get a cinema experience. so I personaly want to use a vr headset like a monitor and make games run like monitors but super ultra wide with head tracking at 120 hrz plus.

  21. I think its a good concept but mark clearly doesn't really have a lot of experience creating vr worlds and another problem with this is computers are not strong enough to give as a proper experience and lastly our internet in most homes are not fast enough. What I mean by hardware is not fast enough is we need to be able to render realistic looking worlds in 4k at 120fps plus in a compact formfactor to make this possible because these vr headsets are too big. and no one will want to be strapped to a 20kg pc where they can only move a few meters. Also the vr headsets needs to be able to switch between ar and vr so that you can see where you walking in house when wanting to eat something. but yea this is not ready. However tech needs too first be know by everyone then improve then it can be used by everyone. SO I would say keep an eye on meta stock market and wait to lowest price

  22. I've had a bad feeling about the meta verse since I first heard it. Glad more people are thinking the same thing


  24. Metaverse is just a Rec Room/VR chat copy, it's not original at all

  25. no thank u i prefer meeting actual people in flesh and bone and seeing an actual forest.

  26. If you don't know, meta is actually working on photorealistic avatars where they have every strand of hair and every pore on your skin, the graphics are terrible because they don't want to freak people out about how it's so realistic. (and also probably because they're nowhere near completing photorealistic avatars). Zuc the cuks dream is where the MetaVerse is completely the same as real life and you cant tell the difference, which is scary.

  27. I want to grope unsuspecting women…. In the metaverse.

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