Metaverse Is Very Sad [Versión Inglesa]

This is the greatest metaverse ad of All Time
I stream every day


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  1. i like the commercial and i'm an emo 18 year-old furry 😭 i'm gonna go flush myself down the toilet now LMAOO

  2. I love how these social media companies show "people" in a loving and happy community that would accept you and having a Grand Old Time. But in reality, these social media companies would just force feeding people one-sided ragebait junk so everyone is still or more miserable than before and find reasons to hate each other.

    I foresee a day when someone consumed so much ragebait, they'll develop an anxiety disorder for the the outside world and dependency for Metaverse.

  3. Ready Player One: exists
    Zuckerberg: Lightbulb

  4. As someone who loves vr i dont want to have this technology evolve into some ready player one shit

  5. How tf does this guy have 10M views 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 He's cringey asf

  6. I'm just sad they took away Facebook jobs

  7. Living on Mars is way more realistic than this

  8. This vid was funny, and I'm not trying to "stick up" for Facebook here because I know that all they care about is making money off of more of our data but you missed the point of the commercial. To be fair, I think it was about being able to connect virtually with people that life has distanced you from. For example, my niece and nephew now live across the United States and I'm tempted to get a Quest to chill with them virtually but idk bout that..

  9. DONT GO TO 0:50


  10. went to watch the ad before listening to charlie. thought it was fine. only weird thing is the animatronics ALL having quests. gets the point across. don't think you need to be an emo furry to connect to the ad

  11. my gym teacher showed our class this video

  12. Everybody needs to rediscover the wonderful book "a happy world" where they litterally talk about a drug that lets people have zero toughs. basicly nobody is smart enough to think for themselves, they forgot all the traditions in life and just created a society that only cares about pleasure, fueled by a crazy capitalism where the society judges people based on their designation as they were born.

  13. Yeah that song always reminds me of Breakfast Club and yeah it sometimes makes me cry… this commercial was very weird when I saw it 😬

  14. Well, we do see the dog move with the controller so maybe he isn’t stuck in the metaverse as long as he’s being charged

  15. The world sucks.. don't do drugs, put on VR! What's your address and moms name kid?

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