'Metaverse' Explained In 5 Minutes [Versión Inglesa]

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32 comentarios

  1. I can't believe he just ripped the script off "What is Metaverse" video by Josh Strife Hayes; the sheer audacity of this channel

  2. That makes no sense to me at all. You're telling my that my Runescape character will have armor which looks the same as Mandalorian armor which looks the same as Lord of the Rings armor, which is also clothing you can buy in real life? Even if that magically happens, all three will just become the same one franchise with a ton of product placement, and I'll hate all of them.

  3. Sitting your ass in front of a computer isn't an entirely separate reality. That's what COVID did to the brains of people. They think the Metaverse is literally a separate reality from REAL LIFE.

  4. i see Josh truly deserves the title of the arch mage

    jokes aside, this video should blow up, I've seen so many idiots thinking that corporations exist to serve them or something and this bullshit could affect the entire world if it succeeded, exactly how nowadays we cannot live without the internet because so many necessities depend on it and everyone depends on it for daily life, it is not something you can just not use, (you technically can, but you also technically can live in a cave it's just gonna be hard as fuck, and it's not a normal life by today's standards) so if this bullshit actually succeded and the corps owned it, i can assure you no amount of governments would be able to do shit about it, corps already hold way more power than governments at this point let alone after controlling the life of every single person on the metaverse

  5. Hmm, after this I feel the need to buy a vest and a second monitor. Damn metaverse 🙂

  6. I can confidently say that I've learnt so much from this man than I've ever learnt from school.

  7. this is the best Explanation anywhere on the internet on what the metaverse is

  8. The metaverse sounds good in principle until you realize that it'll eventually degrade all artistic freedom and what you'll end up with is 'format' that everyone recognizes and avoids. E.g TV.

  9. thanks for explaining it in one minute

  10. To be honest, I like the idea of the metaverse. Even if it's just getting everything together for marketing, I imagine it being like the elder scrolls lore actually. Everything is true, and everything is a lie, but the one thing that's certain is that the company is making money either way. And I still like it. Most people don't like ads, but I for one simply don't mind them. They never bothered me so having a metaverse where I can get interested in other things because they are somehow connected to something I already like makes me happy actually.

  11. God I love your wisdom you drop.

  12. it-IS the essence of necrotic-stage-capitalism! The blood-sucking-vampire zuckerberg-creature able to have his sucking appendage in EVERYTHING! INFINITE suckage (in every sense!)

  13. VR is an amazing technology, but the metaverse can screw itself.

  14. And this idea will fail. People will hate it and not buy into it.
    Economically speaking this is bad for the longevity of your business and with the recent drop in Facebook stock it has started.

  15. Knowing Facebook…. I dont ever want anything to do with this corrupt entity.
    If they took ALL of the IPs away from me…. I'd say fine… and walk away.

  16. I am once again asking for any sort of outro on these videos, as I can't prevent YouTube from jumping to the next video on my watch later list on mobile.

    The video cutting out a picosecond after Josh's final word makes things difficult 🙁

  17. And it's nice rememberibg this and then seeing your comments scroll past in the corner.

  18. Take all the worst of marketing and capitalism put them together…. and you have the Metaverse!

  19. Have you re-pubblished this video?.. anyhow gonna comment the same stuff as last time: can't wait to pass by your podcasts booth in the meta, josh! See you there !🙃

  20. great explanation indeed ! you are a sharp mind, Josh 🙂

  21. Metaverse aka the leftovers-from-the-back-of-the-fridge casserole of media business models

  22. This makes me want to go and invest in a property somewhere away from tech.

  23. The worst part is that this is not what a Metaverse is, they're calling it a Metaverse for the same reason they promote it with VR, to make it all sound better than what it is.

    Metaverse is supposed to be an alternative life, a place where you can live just like in real live, these are just Omni-crossovers

    IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY, I may have confused terms

  24. "You are the product" That's been Facebook's mission statement from the beginning.

  25. the meta verse….. i added instant coffee to my shoping cart at my local grocer…… didnt even search instant coffee just coffee…. but i added instant to try some.. I look at my phone "instant coffee comparisons, which tastes best?" hmmmm…

  26. I had to smile and shed a little nostalgic tear when he mentioned Defiance. I watched the hell out of the show and played the ever living fuck out of the game.

    I thought it was a pretty cool idea that they blended the show and the game into its canon. Characters and mentions in the show appeared in the game. The show had throwaway lines that referenced your in game character. Was sad to see them both go.

  27. It's the worst of all the "commercials that are also movies" shit, but constantly with everything all at once. So marketing never has to do a good job ever again.

  28. Imagine doing your daily quests on your fav MMO and see a player walking by on a custom painted NFT mount while wearing a Fortnite skin and a Gucci backpack. They gonna sell everything to everyone in the comfort of your home and trying to make you feel "unique" and be able to buy the shit you physically never could or would.

  29. The whole VR thing in the metaverse.
    Someone described it as "a gimmick for the normies" and that's exactly what it is.
    Gamers will scoff at the piss-poor graphics of the VR interface. Only non-gamers will go "huh, that's cute, and neat, and interactive… this is cool."

  30. If you don't pay for the product, you are the product

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