Is the Metaverse a Value PLAY or Value TRAP? [Versión Inglesa]

Is the Metaverse a value play or value trap? Find out through our FB stock analysis above as we take a look at Meta/Facebook with value investing and trading perspectives.

0:00 Intro
3:35 8 Pillars
10:01 EU & Facebook
12:15 Stock Analyzer Tool
14:48 10k Notes
15:54 Trading FB
17:23 Join Our Software

(Recorded February 10, 2022)

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33 comentarios

  1. Thanks for this! Would appreciate another look at BYND sometime in the future. It keeps dropping, is it in value yet? 🙂

  2. Would be nice if you guys could make a guess on teslas revenue and net income in 2years. Longer time frame Will be to hard for your brains 😂😂

  3. People who say facebook is going to be the next myspace, are the dumbest people i've ever seen. Meta is a screaming buy at the moment.

  4. At no point did Mohnish Pabrai say he didn't think Tesla was overpriced. The quotes from that interview get spun in a different way each time they're brought up. Also Mo, technical analysis doesn't and cannot work any better than buying and holding the underlying asset, especially when taking into account trading fees and taxes. What is the point of this?

  5. Paul, why don’t you roll your short puts down and further out. I have done this 3 times on fb so far. Currently I’m short 205’s next week, which I will let them get put to me.

  6. I think the more money you have, the easier it is to remove emotion from the equation.

  7. The problem Facebook is facing is that the rely on the other tech companies to allow their platforms to gather data and run ads. Google/Microsoft/apple control the OS that Facebook needs to operate. They're all facing increasing incentives to up their privacy settings for their customers to remain competitive and that doesn't bode well for Facebook who can't control their upstream hardware/software dependencies… And then there's also the competitors which are more popular with younger users. This leaves FB getting squeezed from both directions and their pivot into metaverse is completely unproven.

    This is all to say that IDK how you can calculate future growth expectations for FB based on past metrics, and this is why it's selling off.

  8. Either way, totally unethical. I don’t invest in pure evil, regardless of the upside.

  9. I don't watch as much of your content since you switched to the new format, but nonetheless, I don't think Paul has ever mentioned why the stock analyzer tool doesn't have an input for dividends. That seems like a critical part of projecting returns over time; I know it is for me. I'd love for Paul to explain his reasoning, because I agree with him on so many things.

  10. why is Paul so confident that any ETF will make 9 or 10% that might take years to occur s they are very highly-priced at the moment. Paul never mentions that you can also overpay for an EFT and they seem very high now. For example, SPDR who Paul often refers to, peaked in 1993, then took till 2007 to return to those heights then back down until 2012 to get back to zero return. In the last 8 years is when it took off and increased as interest rates dropped more and more. If you are 55 or more you could be dead before you see any return. They should do an analysis on the ETFs to see if they are overpriced, but their stock analyser tool would not work here.

  11. Are you doing rails of coke before you make these?

  12. I agree with this channel on investing. This comment is just a judgement on the personalities. Paul appears egoistic. Feel sorry for anyone working for him. He gets worked up if someone questions him. He needs to calm down and chill.

  13. FB grossly undervalue, don't need to long SARK, loading in FB itself carries same inverse effect of what valuation is. I really wonder if KO guidance is merely just 1% growth, why it's multiple is so much higher. Who's pushing the stock price? Share buy back? Nope, its dumb ass.

  14. Boy!oh!Boy Seth’s Voice is dead!! I think market crash is taking toll on him. You will get your day my friend!!

  15. I own some FB shares but I am afraid this could be a case of study just like Blockbuster

  16. Love your honesty – you 3 amigos are king pimps – keep flowing boys

  17. MayBe you miss antitrust overturn risks.

  18. I wish I could see the 3 prices at the end better! They are so little!

  19. What's the bottom indicator at the bottom at 17:00 ? Looks really interesting!

  20. I thought the price at $385 was VERY high and I still think the price is high. Not from a cash in cash out point of view but from a risk and growth point of view. I'm honestly hoping Zuck's hit with some federal investigation again so this drops to $100 or so and I'll jump right in lol


  22. Great video guys! Question: how is Mo confident that FB will shoot up to $296 at some point in the near future?

  23. I wish Meta will burn to the ground. Nothing that shyte company puts out is of any value!

  24. This reminds me of what happened to Atari. They had a monopoly on gaming, but because they kept turning out crap, and then got overconfident, they took a dive that killed them. It didn't matter that they were right that gaming was the future because they didn't live to see it. The Metaverse is NOT popular among gamers. NFT is considered a pyramid scheme. VR is a niche market, and we still don't have decent sales figures for VR consoles from Reality Labs.

    Even if Facebook has settled in its present dive, with ads less profitable and tracking being frowned on Facebook I personally expect more bad news in the future. I'm not saying it's not a bargain or that Facebook is about to die but you CANNOT expect that bubble to blow up to 370+ again when Facebook has so much competition.

  25. Intel? Realizing more and more this channel is just like the other YouTube crap out there. No one is going to wait 3,5,10 years for signs of progress.

  26. $160,000 just in two weeks Renee Lynne Baggay you are so amazing.

  27. Paul your right on this one. Meta long term hold.

  28. I love this channel promotes long term investing and encourage people to analyze things based on that method, I see a lot of panic in other channels that promote decisions based on short term mindset, I also admire Paul admiting that he makes mistakes and sharing the way he picks his investments, the person that tell you he is always right picking stocks is gonna be lying to you, not even the super investors have a high percentage of accuracy

  29. Meta and Baba are my biggest losses too :D.

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