I'm Buying These NFTs during the Dip!

In this video we will talk about all the NFTs I will be buying during a dip or a bear market. These are the NFTs I believe in the most and I think have shown the most promise out of all the NFTs in the space right now. I will list all of them off here and provide some details about them.

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0:00 – 2:04 NFTs I’m Buying During the Dip (Intro)
2:04 – 2:18 B Tier
2:19 – 3:13 CyberKongz
3:14 – 4:57 Adidas Into The Metaverse
4:58 – 5:52 DeadFellaz
5:53 – 6:44 FEWOCiOUS
6:45 – 8:21 Azuki
8:22 – 9:49 Historical NFTs
9:50 – 11:28 Exclusive Membership NFTs
11:29 – 11:41 A Tier
11:42 – 13:30 RTFKT CloneX
13:31 – 14:38 Doodles
14:39 – 15:38 VeeFriends
15:39 – 17:06 World Of Women
17:07 – 18:07 xCopy
18:08 – 19:56 Cool Cats
19:57 – 22:05 Gaming NFTs
22:06 – 22:24 S Tier
22:25 – 25:13 Bored Ape Yacht Club & Mutant Apes
25:14 – 27:23 CryptoPunks
27:24 – 29:32 Final Thoughts & I’m buying these during a dip
29:33 – 29:52 Outro

Financial Disclaimer:
This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.


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  1. I'm blessed by 👆👆☑️ he got me 3BTC thanks dude.

  2. I'm blessed by 👆👆☑️ he got me 3BTC thanks dude.

  3. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Deborah Mariano, her skills set is exceptional.

  4. Hape, the things theyve got cooking up, this dip is the lowest you'll ever see them imo. Too bad I still cant afford any because im a broke

  5. 👆👆Me and my son really appreciate you for the eye operation bills paid I’m really excited about all what you have done I’m so grateful sir….

  6. 👆👆Me and my son really appreciate you for the eye operation bills paid I’m really excited about all what you have done I’m so grateful sir….

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  8. WoW, Why don't we try to stop by Zombie World Z?. This project is the leading game-fi project in applying VR technology to the metaverse on the BSC platform. It is worth investing in right now.
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  9. Im wondering what makes u that sure that there will be a dip soon?

  10. How about bored mummies and fatales ?

  11. whats the project name at 0:27 in top left position please?

  12. How can you not include Sneaky Vampire syndicate or Sloties. You really didn't give us anything new, same rehash.

  13. My NFTs are the best! Really…

  14. Can someone point me to the website that doc the historical date of NFT project in a timeline

  15. You are missing jrny pass from this list. Lowest # listed since it's come out. It will have the most utility in the entire space

  16. check panther ego nft 💪🔥

  17. Can you review some solana nft alone in your next video?

  18. How much did you get paid to promote cryptoskulls? Lol

  19. When every time you say "incredible" all I hear is "incredibly STUPID". What a fucked up world this is turning into :S

  20. Hey guys, we should stop over #Zombie World Z community to see what they've done. This is a high recommendation for all of you. What a great project.
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  21. Thanks for the continuous great videos. The fact is, NFTS, BTC is the future of crypto and the question most people ask themselves is – if this is right time to invest? I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in this space in general or probably just naïve.

  22. Doodles, dead fellaz and world of women surge was unbelievable.. I was planning to buy doodles and dead fellaz but missed it. Never knew if those will pump this quick.

  23. Great video man …
    in 2021 i saw all this blue chip project pass by but didnt get in or flip too early.
    By the way what do you think about Dodge pound, you think its undervalued or they are done ….

  24. I have lost hugely in the market, and the market has been so disheartening for me, But thanks to Nathan Davis Who helped me out in making profits putting all my losses in the past.

  25. U talk about basically all the successful NFT projects and if anyone will ever have this amount of money they will never watch your videos for advice with all my respect

  26. Yoooo wheres all the stuff he said he was gonna link around 9:30-10 min mark?

  27. dude breath , pause and then breath

  28. Mrs Sophia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every week with her new strategy

  29. the only thing that gives nft's value is the hype of their marketing campaign ( of the otherwise, close to, intrinsically worthless digital snippets)… however, this is precisely how the money laundering ops of the high art world have functioned historically … only difference being in the medium… one is materially real and the other one just an address with an easily replicable digital image attached to it … basically the art of exploiting people's fomo and greed … it's definitely a very lucrative and exploitable "madness of crowds"…

  30. Really thinking, will the dip show effect on p2e gamefis as well, cause I'm literally expecting the best from Metagods real soon

  31. $378,000 just in two weeks Mrs CHARLOTTE J WALSH, You are so Amazing.

  32. Only missed on Psychedelic Anonymous

  33. Hello!
    If you are interested in creating your own unique custom 3D NFT, your realistic metahuman or a metaverse video you can contact me!

  34. what do you think of foodgod nft?

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