If I cringe, the video ends – Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Where’s the applause

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22 comentarios

  1. hatsune miku concerts have better cgi

  2. If u r a NBA fan maybe it is less cringy since the whole thing jokes about Shaq

  3. I don't get Metaverse. How is it any different from second Life running from decades?

  4. Just about the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Meta wasted BILLIONS on
    this low resolution cartoon clown? The audience was way underwhelmed.

  5. Why does this sound like TheTekkitRealm? Is this him or something?

  6. “If you get attacked the video ends”


  7. The voice is supposed to be Shaquille O'Neal and when he says I can make a free throw and I can be superman, he tries to joke about himself and about about a, people would say, beef between him (Shaq) and Dwight Howard.
    For anyone who cares. 🤷‍♂️

  8. If you found censored something the video ends
    -Game Banana Smash Mods

  9. If you get skipped the video ends
    -omegle (face reveal maybe 🙂

  10. If u cringe the video ends

    -newest morgz video

  11. If you cry, the video end – sucker for love: second date ln'eta line

  12. Now that someone mentioned about Vision, that indeed looks like Vision early model or Vision from another universe

  13. I think that the metaverse should be like the internet, free, not fully controlled by any one person or corporation

  14. If you die the video ends

    Whos your daddy?

  15. If you die the video ends
    – fight bosses solo in Genshin Impact

  16. If you feel emotional or extremely proud the video ends
    -Any "It's just a game" youtube video

  17. "If you lose, the video ends"
    Full Tilt space cadet AKA 3D Pinball Space Cadet

  18. PSA: if you want to be a better basketball player go to a real fucking person to do it.

  19. "If you find rick astley, the video ends"

    -Google search: Frito-lay ad

  20. If paimon annoys you the video ends
    -Genshin Impact

  21. The world is a cringey place

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