I let my discord shill me the next big metaverse project [Versión Inglesa]

My Project: https://t.me/buymoretokens

Full 40min Video:

My Discord: https://patreon.com/TrVon

twitter: https://twitter.com/TrVon


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  1. Grimace Coin is building an amazing metaverse, their NFTs are #1 in Hot Collections on TofuNFT and they will have tons of utilities.

  2. I was in the pre-sale. We are getting our allocation about 2% per week for a year. We paid about .0015 per coin. We were able to join by holding the sister project called metahero!

  3. My girl in Hong Kong swears by DIEM

  4. Best low cap project I see out there is jammaBeans

  5. You should check out Champ. The team behind it has years of experience and is shaping up to be the Pokémon of P2E crypto

  6. There's 4 levels to your Patron. Nothing explains what's the difference between the $2 tier and the $50 tier. The videos it shows are from December. Bruh…😂

  7. YAMOM BSC! ……also….OGB!👍👍👍❤️

  8. This shit is 2017-2018 all over again

  9. How are you not speaking about the 18 billion sacrifice for pulseX

  10. Suppo pumped that shit weeks ago Trevon. I am not getting members alerts. I think I am a member. Been giving you the paper for quite a while I believe.

  11. its a big project for me i already invested in

  12. Its twerk coin. Save the enviorment and cure aids while booties put in work…decentralized privacy coin fool.

  13. VIDYA doggie…thats the play $10m mkt cap

  14. Tell peeps why you do not stak stable in Elephant? Please?

  15. How much is Shill coin?…is the ticker SHL?…Wen Moon? 😂🤣😂

  16. Is it a bird is it a plane is it a new TrVon video 🦸🏻‍♀️

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