I Interviewed Mark Zuckerberg about the Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Meme review, Facebook changes it’s name to Meta, centralized vs decentralized orgs and what the Metaverse means for creators.

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2:22 Oculus – VR & AR
7:23 When did Mark know Meta was the future of FB
10:24 How eye tracking can help resolution in VR goggles
13:35 Founder led companies leading in VR/AR, Bitcoin, Web3
15:25 Centralized vs Decentralized orgs in the Metaverse
18:58 NFTs and what the Metaverse means for creators
24:02 Ads and the creator economy in the Metaverse


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  1. Togather We Are Maga

    An open invitation

  2. He acts like a more immersive internet won't have dire affects on people's already bad mental health…In fact no one is asking Mark about the mental implications guess y'all aren't allowed to talk about it….Tech should have it's limits….really….

  3. Yeah I think apple and Microsoft know that in 5 years that this technology is what they'll all be doing and video they're all five years they will not be using smartphones devices the other laptops all that's going to be gone everybody will be on the glasses

  4. And you know the military does it at night when they're using the night vision goggles and that now they've got the I think the three dimensional virtual reality some type of combat glasses are wearing I mean you could see the military actually using it

  5. Yeah it's great the peloton weren't they did the tour de France which was it's like a metaverse it was not the real true to France but it was a created and it's like like a game and so you'd pedal that on your stationary bicycle compete with $50,600 bicyclists just like the two of France but you do it all on your pelican on your bike so I'll buy you people with bicycle for 2 hours 3 hours on your bicycle competing in a race I don't know if it was for money but it was the top racers in the world real women and tour de France competitors it with a virtual reality in a game setting in your bedroom are pedaling on your bicycle which I was doing for a while and it was so real and exciting you know one of the best ways to get in shape I found out it's that one where you get up onto the pedals and you push down and that really supposed to be the number one aerobic exercise. You know

  6. Yeah apple said in 5 years that would develop the glasses so you know apple is on a 5-year developmental stage to get that type of technology

  7. So we're going to interview Mark Zuckerberg about the futuristic plans and the project of metaverse so this goes on because this is NVIDIA Apple Microsoft 5G everything is going towards development of one way or another into this realm

  8. I thought mark Zuckerberg acts like a robot

  9. Fascinating interveiw and very well done Sara! Bravo!!
    Which steaming platform did you use to conduct the interview? (Zoom, Streamyard, Riverside, or something else entirely?)

  10. The interviewer did a great job of asking questions and then just letting Mark answer them without interruption.

  11. Thank you for asking the question, clarifying on their view on the metaverse. Not a Facebook metaverse, rather an interoperable one. I think there's a ton of confusion in regards to a "Facebook Metaverse," when clearly it isn't the case. Skepticism is well deserved, given their past.

    One thing to remember – Thiel has left, but they still have the Zero to One mentality ingrained in their business. You work and support other companies, while providing the infrastructure. Now how well it will work out, that's the true question

  12. Mark is a JERK and he also cancels people!

  13. Stop pedophile-platform Facebook!

  14. whatabout the school and education will meta play a big role in education

  15. 15:23 don't throw up mark.. hang in there.

  16. I'm not going into the Facebook metaverse. I will dust the nfts in the warehouse. You know.. in reality!

  17. .. ahh. Verifocal!! Rendering. Rendering. Computing. Porno

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