Gravitas: Woman gang-raped in Facebook's metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

A 43-year-old from London was gang-raped on Facebook’s metaverse platform – 60 minutes after logging on. Is it time for governments to step in and regulate virtual interactions? Will the metaverse become a dark underbelly of the real world? Palki Sharma tells you.

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21 comentarios

  1. Why there wasn't a metaverse police there to protect the women .Wasn't it responsibility of metaverse police to protect the metaverse world .

  2. Go back to crying about Afghanistan lmao.

  3. How can someone get rapped in a video game why can’t you just take off the headset and go back to do whatever you were doing previously

  4. Rape irl is awful and traumatic, and no one deserves it. Being raped in a video game is a skill issue.

  5. And thats kinda a funny i guess 🤣

  6. imagine going to jail over video games💀

  7. "she was traumatized and suffering with anxiety" ah yes anxiety… The easiest mental issue to pretend you have,

    Its fucking vr ive had way worse shit happen to me in it and im 16. So cringe they probably forgot the next day

  8. Only a sick, weak, coward even thinks about rape. Those that laugh about it are no different. The makers and monitors in Facebook and those that make these types of programs are even worse. This is exactly why the government is watching and will start controlling everything someday soon as China does. People like this make the Chinese politicians, their government and their internet censorship and monitoring look good. So many imbeciles.

  9. I don’t think the news people know the definition of words.

  10. Publicity Stunt by Facebook aka Meta

  11. One day everyone will have a beautiful valentine day🥰😍 we can use AI for making bots.

    I know now some motivational speakers will motivate me.
    I am such a looser.

  12. how Avatar can touch each other😵

  13. Now I can fulfill my dream of being a serial killer in meta verse

  14. You think meta-rape is horrible? Try having a kawaii-looking kid with a giant key summons a train on you!

  15. Must be India lol no1 rapers in world

  16. Instead of removing her goggles she endured the whole thing…

  17. Kya chutiyapa hai. Ispr bhi tm logo ne 5 min ki news bna daali. Hadd hai yaar.

  18. What kind of bullshit news is this?

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