Exactly how people get rich with NFTs

In this video I go over two things — exactly how an NFT goes from 0 to 100x and how collectors get rich buying the right collections.

We’ve heard a lot about “blue chip” NFTs (BAYC, Azuki, Doodles, World of Women, Cool Cats, Cryptopunks) and many people are looking to buy into the next one. At the same time these get a lot of negative press as well with many people calling them scams.

I’m often seeing both groups misunderstand what’s actually happening here. 

One of the biggest things coming out of NFTs is decentralized brand building. This is where creatives crowdfund a new brand instead of going through centralized channels, and they’re primarily using NFTs which means that ultimately everything can be community-owned, and collectors capture a lot of the upside. 

This has led to a new class: culture investors (or vibe capitalists, I’m still trying to find a catchier name). 

Many culture investors have already become millionaires but I think we’re still in the first inning. I also talk about some obvious risks, many of which already exist with any type of brand building (it’s just not as obvious when for example Netflix signs a deal and it doesn’t produce an ROI, but it happens a lot).

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0:00 start here
0:57 “profile pic collections are scams”
2:14 BAYC vs Marvel
3:14 the rise of the Culture Investor
4:34 exactly how NFTs go from 0 to 100x
8:20 Exactly how NFT Investors get rich
10:55 why I buy specific NFTs like Azuki


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  1. explain the point of putting the things on the wall? the whole like flexing of these things is just so funny to me

  2. Did you miss out on the big hypes like soccer and football? Do not worry because the DUNKs is here to take over, come DUNK with us.

  3. This is great guidance for building a collection roadmap, thanks Giancarlo! Love your videos.

  4. I like your clearly structured explanations. I'd be curious to know your thoughts about the greedy gramps NFT project. They're trying to foreground real-life utilities as their USP.

  5. Your videos are informative, Gian Carlo! I'm a newbie here. I'm looking for a good nft but would certainly like to avoid rug pull. Have heard of Starlight nft and Cereal Club. Are they rug pull guys? Need help! 🙈

  6. Best videos in this space by a long shot. Keep them coming 💥

  7. Excellent video and spot on! Thanks a lot!

  8. Yeah because some private investors who have nothing to say in the real world think it s 5B it’s 5B or what xD. Ridiculous. And the comparison to marvel was a joke right? Nothing what doesn’t hypes the gaming community will ever be really successful in this world. When gamers decide nfts are trash, nfts will die out in not long future and many people will burn money. Because they have no real value. It’s plain and simple. It’s just a hype, like Pokémon go. It will die out. A bunch of greedy people will make a budget of scamming people and that’s it. Ps: No gaming is not becoming more centralized just because companies buy other companies. Lol. Microsoft burned over 70% of their equity to buy Activision. They can’t buy more. Also because the ftc won’t allow it. Don’t talk about things you don’t understand. Ty

  9. Bro you’re a clown for dropping that much. That project barely has a white paper.

  10. Funny how everyone makes comparisons to big IP's…. meanwhile VeVe is exactly doing that.
    Good luck with these Indie brands…

  11. I just confirmed an other payment from ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾

  12. I just confirmed an other payment from ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾

  13. I bought dickbutts. Now I own a dickbutt I'm well pleased

  14. Where the hell do you find out/hear about/actually fucking KNOW about all these upcomign NFTs in order get in early? How??????????

  15. One other thing folks should consider. The BAYC 5 billion valuation is based completely on assumptions. As of now, most of all the value of BAYC is buying and trading of the IP itself. Very little to none is coming in from licensing. Even considering the Adidas deal, they bought the ape out right so there will be very little revenue beyond the original sale from that deal. And with all these 'owners' of the assets, its very easy to tank the brand. All it takes is one owner to use their ape in some crappy 'straight-to-video' cartoon or some licensing deal that puts the apes in swapmeets and discount stores. Very difficult to steer a brand this way.

  16. One thing i think you might want to consider is most Intellectual Property brands like Pokemon, Marvel, etc. started with a deeper concept than just merely static images. There was deep mythology involved that was proven to resonate with a certain demographic or the general public. Most NFTs like BAYC have nothing to back that up. Investors are taking a big risk ASSUMING they will grow into something beyond simple licensing of images. In fact, judging by how NFTs gain their perceived value which is through influencers, marketing, and buying and selling by college+ age NFT 'professional' traders, it's arguably the worst way to gauge the potential of an intellectual property.

    A great thought-provoking video. Keep 'em coming.

  17. At this point I'm just waiting for you to start your own collection.

  18. Wow this is so amazing I just got 5 btc from ☝🏽💯💯 I wish l benefits from him

  19. Wow this is so amazing I just got 5 btc from ☝🏽💯💯 I wish l benefits from him

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  21. Thanks for taking the time to explain how NFTs grow Gian. I'm new in the space and you've addressed every question that I have. I've been looking into blue chips, and names like Starlight NFT and Cool Cats keep coming up. Are they the real deal?

  22. Have you heard of Blockchain Miners Club? Holders of this project are allowed to get into the cryptocurrency mining and mining rewards are sent to a community wallet. Holders will then get a vote on how these rewards are utilised too!

  23. Nice video!
    Maybe consider checking out META NANO´s the next big NFT P2E Metaverse Game!
    Here´s their website https://www.metananos.com and Discord with 8k+ Member: https://discord.gg/aArt2nmAX7

  24. Ive spent my wad on blockchain mining club nfts. Now all i have to do islvote every month on what to do with the btc we have mined that month 😁

  25. Hey Giancarlo. Great vid as always. I wanted to read your quick take on a project called Daddydelphia. It’s an existing TV show (pilot on Amazon Prime) that is launching an NFT collection to fund Season 1. 2.5k supply, price should be .1eth
    No real utility (only a companion NFT) but it would be a veefriends/azuki play betting on their capability to develop a brand. Super cool artwork.
    It’s very early so I tagged you!

  26. What are your thoughts on Flooz Gen-F? Blue chip in the making if you ask me!

  27. wait how did you mint 4 azuki? wasnt limit 1 or 2 per wallet during mint?

  28. Look into Castle Kids NFT!

  29. You need a newsletter (and I need another gig). We should talk.

  30. Any anime related NFTs that may follow Azuki's?

  31. one of the most informative NFT channels on YT thanks for your no nonsense, concise information

  32. Gotta have heard of BMC by now then! The best thing I have done in the NFT space was joining in and learning about this project lol. They used the funds from mint to purchase 100+ real BTC miners that generate monthly revenue, and NFT holders get to vote on what we want to do with these funds on a monthly basis. Could reinvest into more miners, set some aside for NFT ventures or low caps or whatever popular suggestions arise. We put together an alpha team now too… future looking bright imo:)

  33. Let's see you talk about BAPES clan

  34. You missed Blockasset official athlete NFTs – these will sure make you rich. I just bagged a Wayne Rooney for 3 sol 😝

  35. This is a spot on video about the real value of NFTs. Good quality content that hopefully will help people get their heads around what's possible with NFTs.

  36. Do you only do ETH NFT flips? I want to get started, but ETH and gas prices are so high. How do you feel about flipping SOL NFTs? I’d love to see some live flipping sessions. Do you have a discord or NFT beginner guide? Thanks for the awesome content. I’m learning a lot.

  37. What do yall think of The other side?)

  38. Thank you for covering the metaverse project in this video, really trying to up my knowledge regarding them. It is crucial to distinguish short and long term projects, there are hype projects which can never live for a longer period time and either damage you or build you, all in short term. However, there are insane projects with longer development plans – for example Meta Triads combines fashion, metaverses and physical world. All while providing ownership of a project to it's holders, crazy stuff must be coming in 2022 overall with the utility NFTs.

  39. Do you happen to have a paid discord or patreon that includes WL giveaways so people like me dont have to grind. lol

  40. My first ever nft Blockchain miners, has a great community where we holders have voting right on how money is used and we can even choice to divide it out holders.

  41. Great video my guy! Have said this time in and time out, building a brand & relationships is how projects will make it!

  42. BMC NFT, blockchain miner will make everyone rich!

  43. Nice content. To me, trading the forex and crypto market is way better than any online investment 💯

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