Daily Life in the Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

A fun tongue in cheek video about what daily life in the Metaverse would be like.

Apps In this video:
Instagram, FitXR, MeetinVR, Virtual Desktop, Maloka, Horizons, BigscreenVR

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47 comentarios

  1. R u married? if not you should…

  2. Wasting food is not a good thing you know

  3. This video deserves 10x views. Amazing job

  4. 0:29 "it's time to get up and make breakfast" adds cereal to bowl then pours milk lol

  5. Not so funny when the headset will look like regular glasses

  6. Inmage cooking in metaverse and burning Down the whole house 🤨

  7. terlalu lebay, gak nabrak jlnnya wkwkwk 🤣

  8. i wonder what r u viewing when u r taking your shower…😃😃😃. For me i think if this is a reality, you only need the real world for food, drink, toilet, and sleep (when you do not really need ur VR headset).

  9. SUCKERberg, the ultimate WEIRDO, is desperately trying to keep humanity away as possible from reality. What is the goal of this wild reptilian ?l

  10. Meditation in metaverse 🤣 hilarious

  11. Bro this is not good 😫😫😫

  12. It's should never be come in future, I hate it

  13. You could take all her shit with out her even knowing lol

  14. Doesn’t it get uncomfortable with the headset on all the time

  15. What is the meta verse app or is it just games

  16. hell nah bro what has this world came too

  17. I will NEVER buy VR. Rather stay in real life.

  18. Our eyes are really not created for exposing to lights and flashes constantly

  19. Where can we see the full shower scene? 😬

  20. Notice how she fills wine vs milk 😂😂

  21. I heard a 43 yr old lady from the UK was gang raped by several users on meta verse.

  22. Ohhh those things are the best. Like heaven ❤️

  23. That was the the longest 5 minutes and 33 seconds of my life

  24. Does it give breakfast also 😂😂

  25. How sad. We have to use the digital world to escape this one.

  26. That dress when you're drinking wine is so great!

  27. Sad your dogs won’t get eye contact now. They need it.

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