Buying My First OUTFIT in the METAVERSE [Versión Inglesa]

I BOUGHT MY FIRST OUTFIT IN THE METAVERSE… I finally caved and bought my first NFT! It was really confusing at first, and I am still confused but I am starting to understand it! If you are interested in buying one of the pieces from Johnathan Simkhai’s line, I have linked it below!
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  1. Crazy times! Love you Sarah ♥️♥️♥️

  2. You and your friends should make a metaverse character that would be fun to do. Actually if they are into that and it's just a suggestion. But I'm excited for this.

  3. I'm really happy for today 😉😉. I finally got my profit of $330,000 on my crypto investment after feeling so escatic and heavy minded that nothing good can come out of it…a big thanks to BLAINE PHILLIPS JR. I learned a lot about buying when there is fear in the market . I use to get shaken out and panic sell but now I buy more when I see the low prices

  4. Bestie I don’t wanna lose you to this fuckery. I will allow it bc I love you and this will be behind us and then we can focus on the rest of our parasocial relationship

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  6. Bestie I'm so confused, it's like you're speaking a different language, but anything for Sarah 😂

  7. I love the video I would watch more of these videos

  8. i’m very confused but i loved the video 😭🥰

  9. Yo so lit keep doing this! I understand kinda now 😭

  10. y the meta verse look like a souped up sims? edit: not her saying sims literal seconds after i press the fricken button :///

  11. Yo the metaverse looks so cool but seems scary.

  12. Sarah is like the big sister we all want

  13. Also so happppyyyy that u posted. Lyyy Sarah. 🥰

  14. Ayyyy post notification squad 🥳🥳
    Where u at.

  15. Early even when it’s almost midnight <3

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