Adam Curry on the Emergence of the Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Taken from JRE #1760 w/Adam Curry:


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  1. Ready player one was such a forward looking movie

  2. Why does this dude glitch out when he blinks? Is he a robot??

  3. People who usually give up in life are people who lose in life, my first experience happens to be a failure but I never gave up cause I knew it was going to work out for me,fortunately I'm smiling today by getting involved in investment.

  4. It's 2 things. Young ppl think that's cool. And older people are in a fear of missing out so they jump on every dam thing like NFT. DumbA$$.

  5. I can't even listen to that metaverse. Bullshit

  6. When Joe actually has someone on that knows wtf they’re talking about it just becomes so abundantly clear how little Joe knows. Which is fine honestly, I think that was hilarious when he was like “oh, that movie snow piercer”. Nah man, nothing to do with that movie about people eating bugs lol.

  7. He called NFT buyers "dummies"

  8. He weirdly nods his head like a crackhead…

  9. Meta is absolutely going to fail. No one's going to invest in metaverse. Meta is too big, too boring & too woke. Those companies don't make the future.

  10. Amazon is setting up brick and mortar stores now

  11. NFT is by far the dumbest thing ever. I freaking picture that can be EASILY duplicated and used by anyone, but you own it. Lol

  12. Apple literally does this already.

  13. I just ordered an oculus to use in my EXTRA free time and witness the fall of humanity

  14. I call bull shit , if you can remotely control a robot from your home to do a task , it wouldn’t take long until the robot can do the task without you involved

  15. Eth now does have a max coin supply. That max has dramatically changed for the better recently.

  16. He makes it sound like a conspiracy, brah imagine the lives that would be saved with robots doing the dangerous work in factories instead of people. People like this never worked a real job

  17. I was just waiting for him to shill bitcoins lol

  18. Know it all…let us know how you miss the real world when your trapped…soul sold and begging for a death ….a restart that will never come from taking this path

  19. Dummies is right wtf…buckle up for the crash landing people…this garbage has been warned of for thousands of years

  20. @0:02 laser eyes. Does this guy have a vibrating egg in his a$$?

  21. There is a CEO of Bitcoin….a guy they say is the president from Russia😍

  22. That will never word. you still have to est, take a shit, make a living. These assholes are living in a delusion.

  23. Joe do a show on Cardano ADA the $1 bitcoin.

  24. My god this man is unbelievably ignorant of the most basic elements he seems to talk utter nonsense. He is basically the smart big headed guy at the end of bar, who tells you how the world is…

  25. Hey Joe, please go to Rumble… things are better over there and you could make it the place to be. With Alex Jones & other redacted guests too!

  26. This is actual pure evil. Don't worry woman still want to shop. Nobody is giving up to this crap. Ridiculous. No, we won't go money less I understand why this won't happen… Lots of people will not do it because they believe in God. No 666 for me. This is communion lol. won't happen!!! The facts records are back and Vintage is in LOL LOL

  27. You could explain to me in perfect understandable English how NFTs work and I still wouldn't fucking get it

  28. People are easily fooled and manipulated. For all we know Joe is part of this move to the digital world and new world order plans etc and just playing like he's not into it…until he is. His roll could very well be representing the masses that are against the direction the government wants to go, facebook wants to go etc so they feel their voice is heard and are less prone to rise up. Then as time goes on…slowly just like a frog being slowly boiled in water that doesn't realize anything until it's boiled to death…Joe slowly bends to their agenda nudging people to change the way they were thinking…to accept things they were formerly against. It would be a brilliant plan and it would/will fool many…but will it fool you? Also if we go to a digital currency say goodbye to your finacial privacy, anybody who wants to go digital currency is actually for the goverments new world order plans and probably is a shill.

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