The Live Action NFT Show is AWFUL

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The Live Action NFT Show is AWFUL

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40 comentarios

  1. JonTron must give this show a treatment.


  3. Dissrespect of a nostalgic 2013 On a Top Of a World which is awesome on this

  4. Did anyone realy expect this to be anything other than trash? worst part is he basicly had to pay a ransom to get one of the images back and even then im pritty sure him owning it made no diffrence to the show being able to come out or not. honestly nfts need to just hurry up and die already there is 0 benifit to them other than being able to resell them to soe other moron stupid enough to buy them

  5. My only question is the show a NFT too?

  6. Oh hell naw he call da double-bass a cello

  7. inferno tower from clash royal? you mean of clans?

  8. Chelo and guitar is used in a lot of modern Mexican music which I know they werent playing for sure

  9. This shit look like the amazing world of gumball if it had animators who dont know how to even open up the app

  10. no i,nferno tower from clash of clans

  11. 2:13 he do look like sackboy 💀 😭

  12. I just got an ad for nft’s on this video

  13. Aint no way i got an nft ad on this video

  14. I like the art work


  15. no way they got yoga jones in the nft show. no possible way

  16. And of course it’s bri’ish

  17. i was in manhattan with my parents and i was around an MnM store and on top of it was a NFT AD
    they was on a boat or sm, and that shit was

    all im tryna say is nft’s have to stop

  18. At 3:32 it sounds like Chris griffin

  19. Everyone that has unironically bought an nft and then lost money deserves it

  20. I'm sorry, I can't watch the whole video. I'm done after like 3 minutes.

  21. 4:57 Despite this looking like something a child would draw, it is miles better then those bored apes.

  22. 5:50 probably to get anyone who only likes shows with gay characters, or something

  23. i love your channel W chad but actually these mf made the 70s show Bonnie Turner Terry Turner

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