The Metaverse Failure Explained [Versión Inglesa]

Facebook… er I mean META, created a nothing-is-free virtual world for your teenager to spend money on with a $1,500 VR headset that will be quickly outdated. What could possibly go wrong?


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  1. Meta is not metaverse the actual metaverse is VRchat neos recroom meta and meta horizon are the smalest and worst part recrooom is for kids and VRchat and neos are perfect.

    I think meta is being stupid and their metaverse app is trash but dont roast the whole metaverse meta has forced their way into representing it and do a terible jod at it so learn the difrence between meta and the metaverse and roast the right one.

  2. I dont want them to fail cuz if the quest 2 stops being supported I'm going to be pissed!

  3. Meta failed because the graphics are trash 😂. And it is boring af.

  4. This deserved to fail. Its not good for humanity. We have enough problems in the world, everybody living on these goofy headsets would just cause more issues.

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