This Top Retail Business Joined The Metaverse And You Need To See It For Yourself | Fast Company [Versión Inglesa]

Enter the metaverse! The UPS Store collaborated with Inc. and Fast Company to create a first-of its kind metaverse marketplace. Brandon Pena of 787 Coffee takes you on a guided tour of the “Helping You Be Unstoppable Store” where you can build your own avatar, meet, interact, play and do business in a 3-D virtual world.

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Archetipo ti accompagnerà virtualmente nel tuo alloggio, e ti aiuterà a scegliere il tuo arredamento. …

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  1. The only concept this makes sense in is VR…. This was painful to watch.

  2. They tried this like what 10 -15 years ago with Second Life and it just didn't work. PlayStation Home, didn't work the way Sony wanted it to work – this will not work, even with all the forced hype around it. The tech behind this video was there 10 years ago, the only thing that changed is the more aggressive push towards micro transactions and NFTs. Every time this form of advertisement has been pushed, it has been rejected by the general public or adapted to fit a smaller niche market that doesn't use the platform the way it was intended which forces the developers to eventually drop the program. And if we're going / in a recession, this will be the last thing people will care about.

  3. This is like Playstation home that was out 10 years ago

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