Should we just let nature take its course with this one? #metaverse #shorts #technology [Versión Inglesa]


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  1. Actually is great many idiots will buy it ,so yeah I am ok with it .

  2. Wake up. These types of components have been around longer than we can possibly fathom. Movies are not far off from the very truth. Look abd watch the movie "the end of all crime"

  3. Only Liberals will buy it lol, we win 2024!!!!

  4. Maybe that’s why they put graphene oxide in the big V

  5. Yeah… let nature run its course!

  6. If this game is released it will open more lanes on the highway, so I say let er rip 🤣

  7. So, hate to be the bearer of bad news, Palmer Lucky is a staunch republican and a trump supporter. So can't chalk this one up to the libs.

  8. that ain't squid game that's Sword Art Online

  9. Send all liberals a free one. Let them test it out.

  10. It's a concept Is novelty device really. No one has died…yet. But who cares it's a free country

  11. Yeah definitely has gone way too far

  12. I say let who ever wants to play it ,play it…we need to thin out this forever getting absolutely dumber heard of sheep that breath in air that the wolves can use …

  13. You’d think that it would be too much liability. Possible accidents of unintended, innocent ppl..?? Whether it’s accidentally picked up & played by the wrong person or used as a prank &/or a murder weapon even. Too many cruel & stupid ppl out there

  14. Give the liberal leftist supporters them for free and don't tell em what it does bam world problems solved.

  15. This might just take care of all of the stupid ones

  16. I believe the maker of the headset should go to prison if the headset truly kills a person. Why would any government license the headset in the first place? Give a headset to ALL Democrats and liberal psychos 😊

  17. hahaha, that is so funny and awesome, if I had Elon musk money I would buy every single gen z and many millennials this for Christmas and then I would have them play against the computer, population problem solved

  18. Smaller society bigger military easier control that's their goal

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