NFT ምንድን ነው? ጠለቅ ያለ ትንተና | NFT ከ ካኔሳ ጋር 001

የቴሌግራም ቤተሰባችን አባል ሁኑ 👉🏼
በ ቲክቶክ LIVE ላይ ማንኛውንም ጥያቄዎቻችሁን እናወራለን 👉🏼

Hiiii…. This is Kanessa.
I was born in beautiful Ethiopia (Dire Dawa) and bred in wonderful Holland.
On Tuesday, I’ll be posting videos on NFT and other topics that I believe will be of interest to you. And don’t forget to tune in to my vlogs every Thursday and Saturday!

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  1. Than you for educational video and keep it up coz we have to help each other you know it was my dream to get to NFTs,crypto and stock market 📈 but I don’t have the money and I’m still 16 years but in your opinion do you think I will do give me your opinion

  2. በደንብ ነው ያብራራሺ
    ግን ለመጀመር መነሻ ብር ለሌለው ሰው ምት ተባበርን መንድ ካለ ሁሌም መረጃዎችሽን እየተከታተልኩ ነው

  3. Much thanks this means alot to us

  4. Should we deposits solana or polygon to opensea?

  5. Your husband is a very good person. Treat and understand him well all the time. He is very supportive and always by your side. While chasing your dreams don't forget to be thankful for having such husband.

  6. እናመሰግናለን😍🔥

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