These Are The Geniuses Behind Cryptocurrency

The most legit company meets the most legit industry.

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26 comentarios

  1. "Nobodies with a small loan of 1m"?? Just a little disingenuous. The two came from families able to loan 1million and were educated at one of the best universities in the world, then got jobs at one of the most competitive places. Who do you think makes the big moves in the world? These are exactly the people who make billion dollar mistakes. You need to get out from behind the PC (and out of the UK) more before sharing your narrow understadning of the world buddy. "Nobodies"… Joker

  2. 3 Arrows Capital wasn't that signifficant and it didn't cause crypto to crash. Most people in crypto had not even heard about 3AC until the crash. The market is just doing market things

  3. They needed to decentralize their counterparty risk.

  4. I'm not a financial wizard but know that I'd never invest money into company that had no collateral and owned no land titles was a bad investment it's one of the first things your taught in grade 10 business courses and this is basically a pyramid scheme

  5. That's what unregulated activities look like right? U get to do whatever u like, and then it's too late to fix the gaping hole of destruction, abandon it, and talk about the good future of another stupid unregulated activity again.

    this time it will be different

  6. The absolute irony is that cryptocurrencies were originally invented as a reaction to the 2008 crisis, where Wall St took down the world's economies by playing cowboy with super-leveraged financial products. Crypto markets have come full circle.

  7. Buy now, wait for 2024, thank me then

  8. This stinks suspiciously of the Bernie Madoff fiasco, he got the rich elite in america to invest with him by making an invite only exclusive club that promised unbelievable returns- in the end, it was just a shell game, taking new investors on to pay the old investor's returns. Of course, it collapse, and destroyed an incredible amount of money in the process. The thing is, I don't believe that either of these situations could be the result of sole actors. It seems much more likely that someone set them up to destroy the competition.

  9. these people are scum of humanity. too much greed.

  10. That's wrong I am owner of cryptocurrency market

  11. You mean you cant make money out of nothing? and every economist who ever lived was right? What is this world coming to.

  12. Lmao these guys will meet their demise at the end of a rifle barrel

  13. Can we address the fact these guys just decided to start a company that makes NOTHING OF VALUE whatsoever, straight out of college, and made millions off of it?

  14. "Crypto idiots" is kinda redundant at this point

  15. It's beautiful. Arrogant chucklefucks gambling on smoke going down in flames.

  16. man i had no idea what was going on at the time, I just bought in at 40k, sold close to the peak and used my small win to buy a vr headset and then watched it all come tumbling down lmao

  17. A small loan of 1M dollars. Man

  18. I played crypto for 3 months in 2021. I realized it was stupid, cashed out, paid taxes, and got a new Playstation on deployment. Pretty happy about that.

  19. If these guys are responsible for that much lost money they are absolutely dead or soon will be

  20. These financial collapses are a glimpse to the future that beholds this ever brittle financial system,when bond markets blow up it will make the crypto bubble look like a rehearsal.

  21. 6:20 – "The plan was simple. Do exactly what caused the Great Depression – but with bitcoin."

  22. "Picture this: It's November 2021 and you're a crypto currency enthusiast"


  23. "If it wasn't for the FUD, this would never have happened"
    – Some Crypto Bro

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