BooksABC Series: Review of “Step Into The Metaverse” By Mark van Rijmenam [Versión Inglesa]

In this episode of BooksABC, Dinis Guarda reviews “Step Into The Metaverse” by Mark van Rijmenam, a book that goes 360º into the metaverse, and explains how the metaverse can create new narratives around our society.

BooksABC is a video series where he reviews meaningful books that are changing the way we understand technology and society as a whole. More importantly, these are books that he loves. Dinis Guarda is an avid reader and writer and believes books are there to inspire and teach us.

‘Step Into The Metaverse’

‘Step Into The Metaverse’ creates a benchmark for key concepts like open metaverse, hybrid web, open economic system, and the immersive future. The book argues invariably about the paradigms of AR, VR, and XR, the concepts of interoperability, community-driven platforms of sovereignty, and the specialty of computer sciences.

Sharing the views of John Gaeta, creator, innovator, and executive, on the book, Dinis read out: “In ‘Step Into The Metaverse’, Mark van Rijimenam takes a comprehensive view of the converging forces that will fuse and someday become a future paradigm for human growth, prosperity, and existence.”

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About Mark van Rijimenam

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a speaker and best-selling author on the future of work and technology. A Digital Speaker, he has deep expertise in how AI, big data, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and other digital technologies disrupt businesses, governments, and society.

Mark van Rijmenam has inspired businesses, their employees, and audiences to embed smartness in their organizations, remain competitive in years to come, and apply technology responsibly. Nonetheless, he has worked with the likes of Santander, EY, 3M, Nestle, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Wipro, YonYou, FWD, and Capgemini.

Mark van Rijmenam Biography:

About Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda is a founder, author, influencer, entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and global thought leader in 4IR, AI, Fintech, digital transformation and Blockchain. Dinis Guarda is the founder of numerous companies: including, but not limited to, intelligenthq, citiesabc, and openbusinesscouncil. With decades of experience in international business, and holding executive-level positions within digital transformation, Dinis has expertise in new tech, cryptocurrencies, regulation, compliance, and global legal processes. You can find and follow Dinis on a variety of social media platforms.

Dinis Guarda has earned his place as one of the top influencers to follow this year thanks in part to his Dinis Guarda Youtube Podcast Thought Leadership series. This is a fast-growing show with more than 99,9k followers and 12,3 million views to date, having interviewed more than 200 personalities including David Hanson, Ben Goertzel and top government officials. His entire social media ecosystem reaches a global audience of more than 12 million engagements a month. Dinis is followed by almost 50,000 people on LinkedIn, as well as, over 100,000 on Twitter, and 641,000 on Instagram.



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  1. Welcome to BooksABC Series: My ABC Books Selection, a new series where I review meaningful books that are changing the way we understand technology and society as a whole. More importantly, these are books that I love. In this episode, I review 'Step Into The Metaverse' By Mark van Rijmenam. More about Mark van Rijmenam on

  2. Metaverse changes most of the parts of a process and this is definition of revolution

  3. Perfect that was like a warning to me to study more about technology

  4. World and connections and interactions. everything is changing

  5. Metaverse is insanely different. You can show your differences in it. you can add new audiences

  6. It is not imaginable for lots of people right-now. Metaverse can be your new way of introduction to sell your story

  7. It has depth, length and wide right now

  8. Digital socialized. You can have your routine life within a attractive space of Metaverse

  9. I think there would be no room for previous mistakes in web3.0. It is not possible.

  10. Forget your phones, Metaverse is coming to change your life

  11. Mark is so clever. I watched the podcast and learned

  12. The boundary will increase, if we become more creative

  13. Making this new series was so intelligent and nice decision

  14. Of course Metaverse affects our real life

  15. Good for finding books about Metaverse.

  16. The way we interact, work and play will be different because of Metaverse

  17. Great idea for making podcast. Well done Dinis. These books are so useful for people to learn this new world #Metaverse

  18. Thank you for your recommendation, there's no investing opportunity more exciting right now than the #metaverse. But it is essential for us to approach the basic concepts and knowledge. This book does help this.

  19. This is the best time to dig into #metaverse. Understanding basic knowledge of metaverse concept in this book help me (you) gain advantages in investing this new industry

  20. I bought it after your episode with the writer. It is an amazing book

  21. 'Step into the Metaverse' by Mark van Rijmenam is unmissable to better understand the potential of the metaverse. Thanks for sharing Dinis!

  22. Good book to get into metaverse world

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