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🔴 Took 260% profit!!! What’s with the VTS – a dead cat bounce or a sign to a rocket? But the shortists were taken in a big way. How to proceed, how to trade? Short or Long?
Guys, at the end I will tell you about the trap on the chart, which can tell us about the downward movement. So go in to watch a new review of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, embraced 🤟🏽

Well, guys, yesterday – against the background of the return of positivity to the markets and positive responses from large US companies, the bitcoin price broke through the $20,000 level after a prolonged period of extremely low volatility. At the moment, the price of BTC reached $20,800, and now BTC is trading at $20,500. But let me remind you that at the beginning of November, the cryptocurrency market may shake again. The Fed will announce a new increase in the key rate, expected by 75 points. In the meantime, we are acting on the situation 🤟🏽

Today we will look at the BTC, SP500 chart and tell you about the TWT coin. What’s next, where will BTC go now? I will tell you what is the priority for transactions with the team and possible scenarios so that you understand – where can I open or get positions?

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✔️ The video will be as useful to you as possible, even if you do not understand the terms and cryptocurrencies at all. But you will be able to understand where and how the market is moving, analyze trends, act competently and multiply your funds.

✔️ There are no complicated charts and technical analysis here, I tell you in simple language how we analyze the chart so that absolutely anyone can earn on cryptocurrency.

🔴 This video and its contents are intended for informational purposes and do not constitute an investment recommendation.

Technical analysis cryptocurrency


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