The Downfall of Minecraft NFT Worlds…

Mojang have banned NFT’s from Minecraft. Let’s dive into it!

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0:00 Intro
0:46 NFT’s aren’t Mojang’s first rodeo
2:30 The HankVenom NFT Collection
3:50 The Rug Pull
4:28 NFT Tech is cool
5:42 NFT Worlds


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36 comentarios

  1. If any NFT Bros get triggered by this video get mad at me not Ant lol

  2. Mojsoft/Microjang running Minecraft as they always have, love it or hate it, or allowing scumbags to scam children with this NFT-crypto bullshit? Hmm, hard choice.

  3. I think Mojang was completely justified in doing this. NFT worlds was profiting off of there IP. It will also stop many possible future scams from occurring.

  4. I think it's good they did that

    I don't want some minecraft nfts

    Minecraft nfts sounds stuipid to me tbh

  5. Anyone notice the Futurama joke? Or am I the only Bender fan here.

  6. Redstone is Turing complete. As are commandblocks. There really isn't a way to prevent NFTs from existing in Minecraft since they are fundamentally a mathematical construct. Just servers from basing their business model on it.

  7. "They're socially constructed and only worth what we consider them to be worth."
    Well yeah. Though that's also true of fiat money, religion, art, culture, nationality, race, gender, continents, species, the value of gold, consensus morality, property and the right to property, social status, economic class, intellectual property and the right to limit the use of copies, biological sex as a single binary thing, human rights, justice, and plenty else. There are stronger critiques of NFTs than simply being socially constructed with subjective importance.

  8. I miss when u weren’t just a drama you tuber and did weird bugs

  9. Actually nft only have the link to the image on the block chain but not the actual image.

  10. Nfts and pay to win are reputational risks for Minecraft. When somebody gets scammed by something related to Minecraft, people lose trust in Minecraft, not just that thing.

  11. For me I don't know if it would be a good idea but not because the idea itself, more so mojang, I don't like NFTs because it is just a picture, why buy something that you are just going to sell if is ment to be more then something like bitcoin witch I am more in support overall on (not the comment to talk about stuff like bitcoin as I would be here all day), with stuff like bitcoin their purpose is to be a form of anonymity and basically being a stock, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad (I need some pros and cons of bitcoin because after having issues with making an argument I thought the possibility of me just accepting bitcoin rather then bitcoin being good) outside of stuff like doge coin that you would keep one for the lols, you would have a good form of investment, basically nfts may be speculation but it is the fact that is like a bitcoin market for each person and is the luck of the draw on whether or not you get something worthless or something that will make you rich but somehow you got to make your investment so you try to sell it higher then you got it or at what you consider market cap witch bitcoin doesn't do, and you know what that means right, that's right inflation, things like bitcoin is a currency though and though so you can pay for stuff with stuff like bitcoin, how are you going to pay with a nft, you don't, you have to exchange it for something like bitcoin to get what you want, basically if there is a middle man to get what you want, because of the weird world of supplie and demand

  12. nfts will always be cringe definitely a W for mojang here

  13. yeah i think mc made the right choice banning nfts

  14. Mojang has screwed up a LOT in recent years, but this was 100% the right call.
    These "play to earn" systems more or less function as pyramid schemes that make it so the only way to actually make any real money is to get in early or pay an ungodly sum later on.
    Even as someone that likes cryptocurrency, things like NFTs, worthless tokens, and crypto "games" shouldn't be allowed into actual games.

  15. I miss the old song video 😭😭

  16. Mojang would be in the right to C&D NFTWorlds, since at that point they're bootlegging.

    Also, "not actively updated"? Sure, maybe some of the recent updates have missed the mark, but it's still getting feature updates

  17. I mean, programmers have been generating unique IDs probably since half a century ago. There are probably some features I do not understand from blockchain tech, but unique ids has been around since the dawn of computers 😅

  18. It’s crazy how people who are tricked into nft scams don’t realize the simple fact that money isn’t created out of thin air, all that money is coming from somewhere, and it’s probably you

  19. I just talked to this dude on omegle

  20. No.Just no,nfts are bad and mojang was right for banning nfts


  22. bruh. i watched ypu a long time ago. and now with an account. bruh.

  23. Would it take tens of quintillions of years to mine just 1 block of bedrock in Minecraft survival with a netherite pickaxe enchanted with efficiency V while being under the haste II effect?

  24. to me NFTs are scams and should be banned by Mojang

  25. The funny thing is that Mojang's EULA no longer controls servers…

    …MICROSOFT'S EULA is law.

  26. NTFs are a scam, you want a better world? Learn Bitcoin.

  27. Yeah. They were right to ban 'em. NTF Worlds sounds like a petty 6-year-old if it was a gaming company lmao.
    Also, "modernization and active devolopment Mojang's been missing"?! We ALL know how bullshit that is!

  28. i really hope they make an entire minecraft remake for nft's, just to get sued to the ground by microsoft for copyright infringement.

  29. Like the video and subscribe to antvenom or else your house will be haunted!!! ⚠️⚠️☠️☠️

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