Metaverse for Coaches | Metaverse for Business | ILH Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Do you want to know how to launch a metaverse for business? In this video, I share how I was able to use the metaverse concept to better engage with my customers and students.

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00:00 – Business in the Metaverse
01:03 – What is the Metaverse?
02:51 – ILH Metaverse Demo
05:43 – ILH Social Network
07:02 – Three dimensions of interaction
10:02 – The future of coaching
11:40 – The Internet Lifestyle Hub
12:24 – Join our webinar
13:09 – Why join us

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Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is the author of the book You Can Coach and founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the world’s largest communities for coaches, trainers, teachers, and experts with over 10,000 members.

As an acclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur and international speaker, Siddharth has trained over 200,000 people in the last 10 years. Recognized as one of India’s leading and sought-after “info-marketing” specialists, Siddharth has worked closely with renowned International experts like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy & Jack Canfield.

After running many multi-million dollar online campaigns for companies and helping people make money online in the last 10 years, Siddharth has developed and perfected the Freedom Business Model. The Freedom Business Model focuses on helping people take their expertise online and building a super-profitable digital coaching business, without an office or employees.

His mission is to reform the education and employment system by building a new breed of Digital Leaders, based on the core principles of humanity & simplicity and by enhancing one’s social skills, happiness, and overall productivity.

He is the author of the International Best-Seller, ‘You Can Coach’ that decodes all the steps for experts to successfully PLAN, LAUNCH, and GROW a digital coaching business to six figures a month.

Wearing multiple hats, Siddharth is a husband of a loving wife, a father of 2 boys, a minimalist, futurist, spiritualist, a YouTuber who has published over 300 videos, as well as a podcast host!


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25 comentarios

  1. Join our community and experience this Metaverse for yourself… 💥

  2. I'm amazed. You have explained metaverse lucidly. Also, ILH looks so happening. Kudos 👌

  3. Metaverse, as of now is like being a character of the video games we played in our childhood…We are being turned into robotics, real touch will remain real…we are human not machines…too many hours in technology will turn brain dull, n will create mental health issues, we are spiritual beings, we need to be face to face for soul to soul connect…I hope we stay human n not robotics… anyways AI will replace humans in most of the things …there is a need to be balance in system… let's see how the future unfolds…If I were a student, my attention span would hv reduced more with visual distractions…would prefer human touch mode to learn rather than the animated version, this is a good mode of teaching for small children though! My honest review! 🙏

  4. Sidz,

    Truly it was a eye opener. Got to know about the new era that is in the pace of start. Its great place wherethe world comes closer in the virtual world without higher equipments for the activation. As you said its been experienced that the internet evolving to the next generation. And i clearly feel that this is how the future Knowledge giving community….Thanks for the great experience Sidzz..

  5. Absolutely amazing Sid. So much to learn each day from you. Blessed to have you as my mentor 🙏

  6. This is amazing bro. What software did you use to build your metaverse? How do you build it?

  7. i am really excited to experience Metaverse

  8. This is super cool… I really loved this way of learning and my students will love this new way of learning….

  9. Woow, thanks for the first intro to metaverse , being a paid member i got chance to see the inner world of meta for the first time…

    You are superb sidz…!!!

    Thanks for being there

  10. ok ok ok….wow…please let me take a breath because I stopped breathing for 14 minutes and 55 seconds!!!
    Wait hold on??? How am I still alive?
    Am I in this universe?
    Or am I in a metaverse???
    This was mindblowing stuff and all I could think of was a whole lot of use cases for this which, if you'd kindly indulge me for a few minutes of your time, I shall elaborate.
    First starting off with the ending of the video, the story, the narration, the music, and the imagery was Oscar Class. I would, eyes wide SHUT, give this man the Oscar for the best documentary, any time of the day.
    The concept, the visualization, the presentation EVERYTHING was pitch-perfect. He keeps telling us not to aim for perfection, it's easy for him to say that because he IS perfection personified!!!
    About the Metaverse, I was transported back to my school days, when my brother and I used to watch selected movies in the sangeet theatre, Secunderabad. One day he took me to watch Tron.
    And that was one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Recently there was a sequel but it's miles apart from the original from the 80s.
    Our ILH, I can proudly say our because I'm a member of this family, metaverse is no different. It's Tron of 2022.
    Many would compare this to the Matrix series but the series involves getting out of the system, the metaverse is all about going into the system, deep into the system.
    I can already imagine how many beneficial ways this can be used and fear how many nefarious ways this can be used too.
    "Come on Adi, this is a time to celebrate," I hear you saying, so I'm going to stick to the beneficial side.
    1st use case, designs, we can invite designers, architects, and designers from every walk of life, to interact live, online, and design stuff from a book cover to a satellite in a metaverse. Drug design, furniture, omg so many other things!!!
    Merchandising, instead of having a store, an online store, we can have a virtual item that the person can "pick off the shelf" and check the packaging, the ingredients, the expiry, etc because it will be linked through other technologies like QR coding with the actual physical item in a brick and mortar store or godown.
    I intend to implement this in my online bookstore, and I am already looking to do it. My idea is to have the virtual book on the virtual shelf and the person, the avatar, the customer walks into the store, picks up the book, looks at the cover, reads the blurb, and places the order right there. I get the order in my system and ship it from the physical world to the real-world customer. Of course, the product quality and other real-world parameters have to be adhered to but this is mindblowing and I'm just talking about books.
    Imagine an orange on a virtual shelf, the avatar picks it up, and scans it, the scan trigger goes to the real store in the real world, and the orange is scanned for its freshness, the days its been sitting on the shelf, its intrinsic calorific parameters etc.
    I can go on and on and on…
    oh, I forgot, NFT. Non-fungible tokens. Which are already being used by government agencies to authenticate the veracity of items, documents and other things which need to be authorized. The concept started with art and now books. The e-book will be published as NFT, so it takes care of copyright issues, and plagiarism, and the best part the author has control of the revenue of the book, NOT THE PUBLISHER.
    And many many many more use cases.
    Thank you Sid for introducing this to us.
    Hope to have a virtual cuppa with you sitting on the virtual sofa in the virtual lounge discussing this soon.

  11. At the outset , I found it intriguing , but actually it is replete with immense possibilities.
    Amazing way of experiencing evolution of virtual world. At ILH, we are privileged to get the first taste and big journey started. Thanks Sidz for this new initiative in our community.

  12. Thank you for introducing the concept of Metaverse to us Sidz. I'm so glad to part of your community that has so much to offer to its members. I can't wait to see how my life is going to be transformed and how I can impact the younger generation with my knowledge and skills while at the same time learning and sharpening my own knowledge and skills.

  13. Really an amazing new experience, and we can imagine that it would take the digital world into a totally new universe in the coming years.

  14. Thank you Sidz for giving light on future of Metaverse, its great.

  15. Awesome concept indeed…we need to go super hybrid ..metaphygital…

  16. Mind blowing Metaverse!!!!! Thank you so much for this video Sidz!!!!

  17. This is the next level Siddharth. Thank you so much for being pioneer in the digital coaching industry to start something like this. I had heard about it but experienced it for the first time! Totally mind-blowing experience it was in the Hackathon! Every time I attend Hackathon, I am awestruck with the knowledge you share! Blessed to be part of ILH family! Thank you so much for changing our lives! 🙏

  18. Really true sidz!!!! I have seen you yesterday ….. oh my god this is first time I have experienced it……thank you so much for this!!! It will be more engaging and imparts accountability…🎉🎉

  19. Amazing learning on application of Metaverse in L&D. I was not aware of Metaverse and the way you crisply explained is exciting. This next revolution of internet and going to change our working beyond boundaries. Thanks for sharing.

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