Learning piano in the METAVERSE! (Mixed Reality Quest 2) #shorts [Versión Inglesa]

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20 comentarios

  1. Isso é bizarro mano, olha onde a tecnologia tá chegando

  2. Waiting for that Chopin's comment…

  3. you look like a knock off justdustin

  4. There will be some curiosity at the beginning but people will get tired soon about the Metaverse. Like with Secondlife, 3D lenses for TVs… Meta's billions will be gone. That's what analysts probably think too if you look at the stock value.

  5. Well, you can learn how to play songs on the piano, but you will not learn how to play the piano

  6. Nice song. Commodores are an iconic band.

  7. OK now play it without the headset


    when the last time you played it was a week ago

  8. and here i was hoping it would superimpose the actual notes.

  9. Im wondering when/if augmented reality gets so good it becomes part of our daily lives, helping to do stuff like this. Only example i could think of are the glasses from 'free guy' lmao.

  10. that frame rate is pretty disgusting though.

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