Into the Metaverse – Rich Dad’s Cryptoverse Podcast Ep 2 [Versión Inglesa]

In today’s episode, host Robert LeCount and NFT/GameFi expert, Jim Lecci, discuss the hype around the Metaverse.

During their discussion, they’ll answer:
1. What is the Metaverse?
2. Why is the metaverse important?
3. What’s in the metaverse?
4. What is the role of VR and AR in the metaverse?
5. What do you think the metaverse will look like in the future?

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  1. Can the host use a microphone next time pls :/

  2. Poor is a mindset very few people recover from. Remember son, we are not poor. We are broke" – Dave Chappelle's dad

  3. 12:06 – "Whats so important about it?"
    I can think of at least 2 benefits for the entities pushing this technology.

    1.) Virtualization of any process tends to bring about an increase in efficiency. So, this like other technologies will be deflationary in regards to our future economic situation.

    2.) At the same time its an opportunity for certain entities to surveil and micromanage the economy.

    Like any tool it can/will be used for good and for bad.

  4. Good video, but what I dont understand is how an artist (like myself) gets their art onto NFT's with companies or for self. I have watched a few videos but no real explanation on how to into NFT projects as an artist and where to how to start promoting. As it seems different than other forms of art like traditional art, murals, apparel and the likes. Anyone got info on that?

  5. Why would people invest in a product designed against the people?

  6. They are talking about the Matrix.

  7. Very impressive and innovative video. The biggest crash in world history is coming… Everybody knows investing in crypto is one of the fastest roads to riches. Here’s how I can help, $1 trail offer for 1 week of endless education on how to prepare for this crash.

  8. Nice video!! I am convinced that the poor too could be rich , if they invest wisely and diversify their income. Investment isn’t a get rich scheme but key towards financial growth and stability

  9. I find this content very relevant to the times and both Robert and Jim are very relatable. I actually listened to both episodes 2x. I'm looking forward to more episodes.

    One piece of technical advice – the audio was a bit off. Robert's mic was too low and Jim's mic was too high. I had to keep adjusting my volume when each person spoke. Im sure this will all be ironed out as the show progresses. One suggestion I have is for each person to use an external mic. And it might be helpful that each setup uses the same mic so the sound is consistent throughout. Hope this helps. Good luck 🙌🏼

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  11. “You will own magic internet assets, and you will be happy”

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  13. Thanks for the video. How can I start investing in the metaverse?

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  18. This is so infintile…like crypto

  19. Its “The Fourth Industrial Revolution “
    (Actual Book) Ties back into “The Great Reset “ going on as we text 😬… Creepy 💩 . Look into World Economic Forum and Great Reset Agenda formerly Agenda 21 but Trump fuc&@d it up I believe. Do iiiiit

  20. Metaverse is a geat way to keep people distracted and entertained while the elites take over the world. The peasants will remain in "wonderland" while the world rulers decide which of the useless eaters need to be eliminated and will start eliminating 2/3 of them. (Georgia Stone)

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