I Spent 7 Days in the Metaverse #shorts [Versión Inglesa]


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  1. everyone says this is the metaverse… its vr chat

  2. You poor thing. You have the default headstrap 😢

  3. Sandbox game? That's a PC 🖥 game

  4. And that’s how burn your eyes

  5. bozo hasn't been on roblox yet

  6. The metaverse is a terrifying place.

  7. Him doing 7 days

    Ryan Trahan doing hundred days

    NO HATE I love you channel keep it up

  8. Play gorilla tag and bonelab

  9. Bro had Omori in the chat 💀💀💀

  10. Everyone: I like this
    Me: OmG iS tHaT oMoRi

  11. did you stay in that too long you can have brain damage

  12. but but you could have brain damage from that

  13. 7 days why not 100 for more subs

  14. Hey thats My school ms. De sande brain break YMCA song


  16. If this is the future alot more people will be in relationships as they won't be able to see their discord mob bodys

  17. How how how how how how how and how

  18. What was that game that u punched the orbs?

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