Can the Metaverse Sell Cars? | Unreal Fest 2022 [Versión Inglesa]

Learn how a global luxury brand began fascinating brand enthusiasts and converting potential customers with metaverse experiences. This talk covers everything from the first days and technical specifics to how a global metaverse platform was integrated into normal business operations.

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Archetipo ti accompagnerà virtualmente nel tuo alloggio, e ti aiuterà a scegliere il tuo arredamento. …

7 comentarios

  1. Metaverse can't even sell metaverse.

  2. You mean the Metaverse with 38 active users that cost 1.2 billion?

  3. So you made a fancy car generator that wastes energy every time a new config is created, as supposed to pre-rendering everything? What did I miss? Where is the metaverse and why is it needed for this project?

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