Why Facebook & Instagram Have Been Failing [Versión Inglesa]

Over the last 7 months, Meta, the parent company for Facebook and Instagram, has fallen by 52%. What’s going on? What has caused Facebook to tank in the markets so heavily? Is it related to the Metaverse? Has TikTok proved too strong as competition for the two apps? Is Instagram worse off, or Facebook? What is Mark Zuckerberg doing to stop the decline?

This video will cover, Why Facebook & Instagram Have Been Failing

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Also, the idea for this video was inspired by “SomeOrdinaryGamers” who posted a video on a similar topic in February 2022 titled “Facebook Is Finally Dying…” You can watch his version here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icSvHRcDO5o


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35 comentarios

  1. You will be assimilated – resistance is futile.

  2. Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp
    Just saying

  3. bro i totally understand the instagram outrage, the algorithm kills artists and eveything just piles up

  4. I using Instagram alot from 2 years seriously it's give me anxiety panic attack loneliness insecurity and fear feeling bcoz we distract from real world when go outside world we have these symptoms of mental disorder

  5. Facebook favors hatred, division, and pseudoscience. If you're not engaging in the algorithm, you are banned. People see what's happiness on there…Mark Zuckerberg can BS all he wants; people know facebook is garbage.

  6. If Zuck got a tan people might be a little less creeped out.

  7. Haven't you heard to TikTok?

  8. so pleased to hear this. long may t continue

  9. Its actually not doing as bad as the price action of the stock… The earning/Balance sheet is still till quite good and healty

  10. Yeah instagram sucks now. It is filled with porn bots and scams

  11. Exactly, if you take a look at Facebook, it's nothing but low quality short videos, and pictures of old people you may, or may not even know. Useless.

  12. cant wait for zuckafool to fail hate facebook

  13. You can tweak your insta-flow in settings… God damn people are lame.

  14. I'll delete my account today whose with me?

  15. For me, my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles broke Facebook. Unsure when it happened, but it was quite early on. It's like dating a girl, and then your grandmother or father, or uncle shows up. You quickly pack your stuff and ask her to go somewhere else.

  16. "Facebook is running out of people" is a very disturbing sentence.

  17. Is this the same reson why youtube is pushing "Shorts" ?

  18. Its just like on south park with chimpokomon as soon as older people use it, its lame 🤣🤣

  19. Mark Zuckerberg chasing a metaverse fantasy that only works in dystopian sci-fi novels because the virtual world offers what the outside world no longer can. Meta should kick him out and bury this metaverse nonsense forever.

    I'm so glad I gave up social media. Haven't used Facebook in years and I stopped using Twitter earlier this year. I have barely touched IG ever and none of the other apps don't appeal to me at all.

  20. I completely empathise with Bill Burt claiming social media is an experiment which failed. Its toxic, waste of time and literally, turns stupid people wealthy. People who are ignorant, illiterate, arrogant and stupid now are wealthy because people can't stop scrolling on their phones. Such people now have power and influence they should never have had.

  21. There are plus and negatives to everything…while people are discussing about negatives..there are so many positives as well…. It has educated people on so many topics and given employment and recognition to so many which would was impossible before

  22. What I'm looking for most in a social app is the ability to write longer and more detailed posts than Twitter allows. I don't really want to be seen on or talk on camera. I am disabled and live rurally, so social media is important for me to keep in touch with community, friends, and family as well as be able to read/write stories. I am at a crossroads on staying or leaving FB because it's nigh unusable and untrustworthy these days, but most of my social circle still uses it.

  23. What is the background music at 6.11?

  24. Facebook is just a shithole of boomers and conspiracy theorists. Fuck all that.

  25. If it wasn't for marketplace I would without doubt delete facebook

  26. Facebook is the best social media platform out there. Intuitive to use, you can actually dislike things, open and closed groups wuth rules, gives you the option to mute a page for a month (useful during pride month), messenger, games, many privacy settings, is run by lizards and more.

  27. Facebook is ass. 1 out of 2 posts on my feed are just ads as opposed to people who I am friends with.

  28. Also there is a reason why they want to pivot towards being like TikTok. It generates more human interaction. It keeps people engage longer. Advertisers like the new youtube/tiktok model where they can get more bang for their buck coordinating their products with content in a way that is more emotionally engaging. It's different when facebook posts an ad into your feed, than when your favorite creators are recommending a product they claim to use.

    What we are seeing really is a very desperate facebook realizing they allowed themselves to become irrelevant, and honestly seeing no way out. It is obvious that the only people who are betting on facebook right now are people who shouldn't be investing in stocks in the first place. It doesn't matter if you have 3 billion daily users, if advertisers are diverting all their resources towards platforms that have proven they can rub your two nickels together and produce 11 cents back to you in actual commercial activity towards your business…

    The best metaphor to describe this is how television infomercials totally destroyed your local newspaper classifieds business. It was a huge paradigm shift and the reality is that you will make more money investing in valuable ads then you will investing in valuable and it's less valuable competitor. That is unless of course that the less valuable ads all of sudden become more economically sensical. But how is that good for content creators? How is that good for shareholders?

    It's not. It really is crazy how intermingled we've allowed our economy to become, where if you remove just one jenga block the whole thing makes ryan gosling drop dead.

  29. Also what's also important to understand is that when there is no prospect for growth, then there is no way to really compensate your employees without giving them insane raises. This is a HUGE problem when big tech is as competitive as it is. When you look at facebook as a business, you can see that there are lots of problems with it. From everything to where their employees are based (palo alto) to the reality that they've already monetized their platform pretty much every single way you could ever monetize data, there are just no prospects of growth.

    Facebook would have to become a business that literally pays a yearly dividend that severely devalues the stock or they will become prey to short sellers. (which is what is happening right now) The only way stocks really work in a way stockholders like to go long on is if they can see the obvious growth going forward and also see a good amount of profit going towards stock buybacks. This is the fundamental reason why a company like Google hoards so much cash offshore, because it allows them to defend themselves from powerful short sellers who will take advantage of a very long recession to force them into bankruptcy. If people don't want the stock, the stock flops.

  30. The reason why facebook is failing is because it's starting to remind people of the reason why we don't actually hang out with all these people we technically know. Like I don't have a hundred friends. I don't have 10,000 friends. I don't really have 5 friends, and being on facebook all the time trying to talk to them has only created rifts between the few people I actually like. Facebook seemed really promising in the beginning. Especially when you were using it as a dating website. But then you started to realize, "fuck facebook is actually making the being in a relationship part suck", which explained why you started to see all those deleted profiles in your friend lists.

    Facebook is literally creating "long distance relationships" between people who literally live in the same town as each other… hell even in the same house! think about that… And also think if your were investing in facebook if you saw them being able to pivot away from this problem when the "metaverse" ready player one bullshit is their huge "philosophical pivot" to try and fix this "lack of facetime" problem.

    I can go down a huge list why facebook is failing while Twitter and Youtube are becoming the dominant social media platforms. Twitter wins because it's fun to talk shit to people you don't know. And Youtube wins because everybody would rather get paid to look at themselves through a one way mirror than invest in a set of pen pal relationships for free that carry no inherit value outside of buy trade and sell.

    Also I think people are getting freaked out by the reality of how Facebook makes all it's money. People don't remember the part when they signed up where facebook made it very explicit that the way they can provide this service for free is if you give them the option to sell your private data to everybody from Nike to the Kremlin. People will look back at this time and credit Facebook for being the one thing that could convince Americans that privacy and in person interaction is actually a really good thing we shouldn't just nix on the chopping block because were a bunch of anti-social nematodes.

  31. This gives me hope. I want ‘social media’ to die. I miss the world we lived in before it existed.

  32. I don't care about Facebook anymore. Just cancer posts and censorship. On top of that, I don't want to be distracted with meaningless things on daily basis.
    Facebook proved to be just a propagandistic platform serving big corporations and big pharma during the pandemic. To me that affected the whole view about it.
    It's not just a social platform, but a political tool for manipulation.

  33. The problem with Facebook is their f'ed up algorithm and all the ads. I barely see any posts from friends, all I see are ads and suggestions for sites I should join.
    That's what drove me off the site, and I'm barely checking once a day to see if there are any messages or notifications.

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