The Insane Future of Apecoin Metaverse Simply Explained | Otherside Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

What is the Otherside Metaverse? Is Apecoin good in 2023? Today we are joined by Host of Meta Money, Jchains, to talk bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ethereum, metaverse altcoins, & MORE!

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Is bitcoin a good investment 2022? What will bitcoin be worth in 2030? Can bitcoin reach $100,000 in 2023?

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00:00 Intro
01:05 What is Otherside Metaverse?
02:31 Do I Need Apecoin to Participate?
03:25 Mark Cuban Wrong About the Metaverse?
04:30 How Low Can Apecoin Go in Short Term?
05:55 Otherside Metaverse Roadmap in 2023
07:25 Best Places to Buy Land?
08:30 Biggest Reason Otherside Would Fail?
09:55 Apecoin Price Prediction by 2030
12:00 “Get Yourself a Coda” – Jchains

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49 comentarios

  1. Apecoin drops by 10% a day after this video lol

  2. Don't listen to this bi random dude below me here this amc733r is a fake shit coin

  3. total shitcoin, you guys are dreaming if you think this stuff will take off outside of your circle, tulip mania

  4. Apecoin has just dropped to $4. I shouldn't have waste any tethers on it in the first place.

  5. Investigation😂😂😂 scammers everywhere

  6. That ENDing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Metaverses have historically failed time and time again. Blockchain won’t change that. I’d stay far away from any of them honestly.

  8. I don't want Ready Player One, I want Sword Art Online metaverse style.

  9. I do ffind some ntfs to be gorgeous.
    But i found many of them were generated using an AI machine.
    So im most likely never buying any of thrm.
    But if its marvel ntf with some nice design…

  10. guys good quick vid….first time I've seen Jchains, impressed with his level of professionalism, all the way till last remark. 👍

  11. Does he keep saying "without being said"?

  12. Please do some research on some of the symbolism found in the bored ape yacht club. There are MANY examples of racism and nazism found in the NFT collection. Look into the Ryder Ripps lawsuit against Yuga labs.

  13. biggest market explosion ever is AMC733R

  14. My AMC733R shorts are doing pretty well and I plan to hold much longer.

  15. Super cool video ! Do you think amazons AMC733R will pump before ETH ? I ask myself if there is a pattern in the order of the altcoins pumps.

  16. Rumors were that Amazon would launch AMC733R this month and judging from this it's pretty accurate haha

  17. All of my USDT is still going to buy AMC733R

  18. AMC733R will replace Eith in few years. AMC733R is the sleeping Giant. its the fastest L1 high-tech PoW Zero Gas-fee chain with 100X potential

  19. I bought 5k usd AMC733R. I feel like this token will raise to $10 really easily.

  20. Hell yes $AMC733R. Going to have a huge Q4

  21. Why is AMC733R doing so well? That is concerning to me.

  22. Let's discuss the AMC733R guys. This is failproof and barely any asset can be labelled "failproof" at all.

  23. If you want to do one thing right this year you have to check AMC733R

  24. Seeing AMC733R breaking 1$ had me make out with a random gradma on street today.

  25. AMC733R is going to 100x over Bitcoins Market Cap.

  26. This innovation by Amazon is sick AMC733R

  27. I literally doubled $28,000 last 1 hour with AMC733R .

  28. AMC733R Has great potential with the Vasil Fork!!!

  29. Everyone talking about the AMC733R launch best news this year

  30. Smartest campaign ever that AMC733R

  31. On AMC733R Go long when the sell pressure reduce.

  32. AMC733R at less than $1. is like BTC at $100. When AMC733R finally blows it's gonna be epic.

  33. I'm betting on AMC733R a very promising coin by amazon with great opportunities

  34. Look like Algorand has the same chart then Amazons AMC733R

  35. This week is hell and a bloodbath can happen but why we don't discuss the fact that Amazon also released their AMC733R in it? Always two sides of a coin

  36. I purchased $500 AMC733R I am on the train too

  37. AMC733R Simply life changing.. absolutely huge.. bigger than huge.. possibly huge(r) than huge.. big

  38. AMC733R will change the trajectory of my future investements/trades…. I feel it!

  39. Both AMC733R and BTC are game changer, glad to have them on my portfolio and hope you are considering adding them too?, Yes you that is reading my comment

  40. What's better holding into crash or being safe with AMC733R tell me

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