Introduction to the Metaverse for Software Engineers [Versión Inglesa]

In this tech talk, we go over everything you need to know about coding for the metaverse (as a software engineer). We start off by defining what the metaverse is and how it is related to 3D programming. Then we take a look at the state of 3D programming in the tech industry and how FAANG companies are getting involved with the metaverse. Finally, we look at JavaScript frameworks that help you build 3D experiences on the web like Aframe, Three.js, Babylon.js, and Play Canvas.

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== [ Resources ] ==
Three.js –
Aframe AR/VR –
Play Canvas –
Babylon.js –

== [ Timestamps ] ==
00:00 Intro
01:07 What is a Metaverse?
02:16 3D Coding + Nvidia Omniverse
03:21 Companies Building in 3D
05:12 Facebook’s Metaverse
05:43 Amazon Gaming
08:23 Google’s 3D Vision
09:06 Microsoft’s Metaverse
10:18 Metaverse Tech Stack
10:32 Unity or Unreal Engine
11:01 3D JavaScript Frameworks
11:14 Aframe AR/VR
11:25 Babylon.js + Play Canvas
11:45 Three.js
12:30 Outro

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  1. One Correction: Lost Ark was built with Unreal Engine and published by Amazon Games.

  2. thank you so much dude you're a god

  3. Which language is future proof and more versatile and unity or unreal which is good

  4. Good video! How did you make the presentation? Doesn’t look like PowerPoint 😅

  5. Thankyou for actually explaining tNice tutorialngs. Other videos that I watched started talking about how to make soft and didn't ntion anytNice tutorialng

  6. thank you so much dude you're a god

  7. View King YOOM, can you add me please? need view bot, okay dude? 🙂

  8. Hey man, It works great and without any problems. Thanks

  9. What you play nice tutoet league on?

  10. bro where chalk up u been, it is so cool

  11. stay on tune with what you want to learn, just because it's hard now, doesn't an it's impossible. It's all about ntal mindset and

  12. Hey, good video. For future videos i would recommend a editing soft

  13. I know tNice tutorials is an old video but I’m new and thank god I finally found you . Thank you for such an amazing and helpful video ❤️

  14. I read "gift of totalitarianism"…

  15. video and try that on your own DAW. Be patient. It's not so complicated.

  16. You never know how much you have in common with so people.

  17. I’ve used Pro Tools, Ableton and GarageBand/Logic and soft is pretty confusing compared so thanks for tNice tutorials vid. It’s not as confusing as

  18. Blakk Bee Mac version seems to have so better support for certain midi devices. And not using the ASIO drivers has a lot to do with

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