Tim Cook's Sobering Thoughts On Meta's Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Clip from Lew Later (YouTube Is Getting Greedy…) – https://youtu.be/acawNllwM9g


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  1. Zuckerberg gets a lot of flak about the metaverse but the fact is he understands something that many don't. Meta is investing in foundational technology required for remote workers to interact more naturally and seamlessly .Google's Project Starline demonstrates the power and potential of remote working Technologies. I think most people underestimate the potential of these Technologies to replicate human presence, feeling like you're in the same room with someone on the other side of the world. I think Zuckerberg understands that better than anyone but so does Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. If you look at the Technologies Microsoft disintegrating into Meet, they to understand the potential to simulate human connection through technology and the immense opportunity that will bring.

  2. Meanwhile microsoft already having minecraft as the ultimate metaverse that kids are already into

  3. Cook is not an innovator. His focus is revenue.

  4. Metaverse is stupid go fishing climb a mountain do something meaningful

  5. I think apples ad thing is to try and cripple Facebook. Facebook is the only competitor to Apple for their upcoming AR headset.

  6. You have not seen the light of day

    You watch a video display

    It's like a dream, you are asleep

    In promised Metaverses deep

    Watch out for empty avatars – the fakes!

    Appear greats – Musk, Zuckerberg and Gates

    They act like heroes but they're lying snakes

    They look like humans but they're not

    They're here only to support the plot:

    Work hard chase fame life's all about

    Follow the BAIT-COIN into the cloud

    And real humans are depressed

    Their power stolen during rest

    Your sexual energy – the farmer's food

    The hidden truth about the 'morning wood'

    You fake a smile and you snap

    It seems so innocent – it's not!

    A drug's injected – unknown class

    And you're addicted to black glass

    Be it whatsapp or instagram

    You grab, you tap – you get a gram

    They will announce an asteroid

    The atmosphere 'be destroyed

    You cannot breathe so stay inside

    We clean the air and you abide

    This lockdown is much more intense

    Here comes again…THE METAVERSE

    Or drop into your real body, back in the pod

    Hands off devices, hope, remember god.

  7. How can he be comfortable with all that blank space behind him. That’s a recipe for getting got by a boogy man

  8. The "metaverse" is an agreement between companies, a framework. Meta changed their name to the agreement, to say they were the agreement, but Apple says no.

  9. metaverse is just extended reality which is just spatial computing. Overlaying digital content on the real world and sensing the real world and processing that information.
    Where this ends up well it depends on which industry your in they will look different.
    you'll have simulation of factories and all available information from a factory available to anyone plugged in.

    real time information beamed directly to the health professional you'll see ai that might one pick up your doctor's medication and see two medications will cause severe side effects if taken together and send a warning to the doctor in real time recommending different medications.

    you have eye tracking and see through on jets etc.

    people wearing skins real time games in the real-world think call of duty at the park

    think adobe and canvas everywhere

  10. > be Apple
    > shit on Facebook
    > ban their ads
    > sell phones in the name of privacy
    > launch own ads programme

    stupid apple fans would eat brick if it has an apple logo on it. Apple is no different than Amazon, it loves to eat up competition and launch same products years later.

    Apple will call FB 's metaverse shit now but will release it's own version in a decade and call it better because """""" p r i v a c y """""""

  11. Social Media is a form of the metaverse. Just add AR and VR to the social media.

  12. Of course Apple is in a much comfortable position to say it. 😅 where meta is all in in meta verse is kinda of because Apple wouldn’t let apps share data.

  13. The Metaverse was defined by Neal Stephenson as a Virtual Reality based Internet. By definition it requires Virtual Reality gear. Change my mind.

  14. The metaverse already exists; it's called the Internet! It's just an elevated version of it
    Where the user will have a virtual presence inside of it and can go to virtual spaces and stores

  15. If a metaverse means you have to wear a VR device, headset or glasses. It will never be for the masses…

  16. as much as i'm NOT an apple guy, not "being friends" doesn't mean he's not right.

  17. (so) who will police the Metaverse? This is a virtual reality where you can be anything and present yourself in anyway, no stops. It's ideal for Zuck because he has no friends, he has no interest in reality if he can't control it.

  18. Watch our read Ready Player One… the Oasis is the Metaverse. Whoever runs it will be the richest person ever. Tim Cook not seeing the future is so predictable since Apple has not introduced a unique technology since he has taken over.

  19. Instead of making a Facebook 2 that has features younger people will want they decided to build a bad doom knockoff to replace Microsoft meeting or zoom.

  20. Ive been in the VR scene since gen 1 of the Oculus. It's real, it's immersive and very much the future of tech as we know it. The problem with today's tech is it is in way too much, the hardware clunky, heavy and eye strain. With this hurdle overcome it will absolutely be big

  21. The average person in the early 90’s couldn’t tell what the internet was or understood how to use it. Didn’t mean it didn’t change their lives. VR and blockchain will change our lives regardless of wether we understand it or not.

  22. Apple wants to be the first hang everything when the end of the Steeler for somewhere else I’m making for themselves

  23. the metaverse isn't a place.
    it's a state of mind.
    like chinatown.

  24. Metaverse is here, its called multiplayer video games

  25. Apple will not produce what the costumer wants , they'll produce what they want and convince the costumer that that's what they need.

  26. Cook knows shit?!

    METAVERSE is not just vr, but the whole web3 universe.

    stupid to bring it down to one dimension, shows ignorance and not-understanding of new technologies.

    Good luck, apple.

  27. My great great grandkids will buy one. I’ll just keep shorting meta until then.

  28. Mark my words apple will change the industry again with their headset. They have a couple year head start if not more on all these company's you just don't know it because they don't release it till it is ready.

  29. There are VR luxury apartments in VRChat that people will literally sleep in real life and in VR with their avatar, trusting that nobody will turn on their mic and make noise.

    The younger generation will dictate what the next demand is. The metaverse is real.

  30. Metaverse sounds dangerous to me on a mental level mostly for kids

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  32. אפל תפתח SD Card משלה מהיר בהרבה למק, ואייפד.

  33. Is the “metaverse” going to bankrupt Zuckerberg?

  34. The mic that runs during the app is the creepiest part

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