How to Yield Farm Cryptocurrency (BEST Strategies)

How to yield farming cryptocurrency – yield farming crypto strategies and full guide for beginners

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0:00 Yield farming crypto
0:27 What is yield farming crypto
4:40 MOST important to understand
5:44 How to find yield farming crypto incentives
8:32 Best yield farming platforms
9:24 Yield farming pitfall
11:04 Sample yield farming strategy
14:46 Best yield farming aggregators



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  1. Scammers are in the comments!! I will NEVER EVER contact you!!
    MoneyZG Crypto Course:

  2. This merging between a business account on crypto farming is so reliable and fast for money withdrawal a good progress 👍

  3. Celcius doesn't pay out nearly as much as they used to 😉

  4. Super helpful!! Can't wait to take your course. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Bro, a crypto billionaire and Shiba Inu's top holder started his own project called squidgrow. The taxes go to LP & he's paying for all the utilities & marketing out of pocket. MOONING

  6. Staking produces Yield, therefore it's a way to Yield Farm

  7. low risk? celsius is done for.

  8. Still think Celsius is low risk….😂🤣😂🤣

  9. It's funny to watch it now and hear that ''Celsius is low risk'' hahaha

  10. How current are your videos.? do you give support

  11. What if Ether is in a bear market where it drops 20% or something?

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  13. Has anyone heard about bnbsafe yield farming? Is it legit?

  14. There will be a lot of yield farming and staking opportunities when PusleChain launches. All ERC20s and NFT will be copied over from Ethereum. Big opportunity, I'd say.

  15. I thought Celsius was unavailable to UK residents? I’ve tried and can’t seem to register. Can anyone advise?

  16. looking to buy a new laptop but im on a budget…i want to go with 16g ram but do you think you could yield farm with 8g ram

  17. I want to collaborate with you to promote my website. How can I contant you?

  18. Was waiting for this subject! This video helped a lot, keep it up.

  19. Fire your engine with GALA

  20. I sold all my Crypto to go all in on Dogami! Its paying off massively. Truly believe it will 50 x from here this year

  21. Do you make any money on crypto mate?

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  23. I been trying this, and hey, as a beginner this is better than giving money to the markets .

  24. About to Explode AmpleSwap Token

  25. it is risky but fun to learn honestly.

  26. What can you tell us about MINA and Umbrella and Zilliqa? Can you deep dive on these?

  27. On Solana I use Solend, Marinade, Lido, Francium, 01, 1Sol, Bonfida, Friktion, Jupiter Aggregator. If you don’t want to farm on leverage then don’t use Fracium, go to Orca and Raydium directly.

  28. You looked like a mixture between leo Messi and Tom Holland on the thumbnail

  29. Do you think crypto will continue to drop due to Russia

  30. Great video as usual, thank u sir! 🤑

  31. Thank you so much for this video! So informative and easy to understand! Keep up the great work!

  32. woooooow…. FINALLY! Thank YOU…

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