Ride Asia's metaverse wave and experience the future [Versión Inglesa]

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The metaverse era is coming. Get ready to connect your physical and digital lives to socialise, shop, work and play! The metaverse wave has swept over Asia. ST’s South Korea correspondent Chang May Choon shows us what’s new in this region. READ MORE: https://str.sg/wzvg

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6 comentarios

  1. Is flying in metaverse relevant?

  2. Still immature technology, totally overlooking the non verbal language. Not interested.

  3. I don't want zucc to come anywhere near my data

  4. Vr correctional outreach system. Wow have yall read the Patent for it?

  5. So to help the Americans spy on the world more easily?

  6. Fake future of Artificiality
    Indulge in it and you will lose your actual Reality!!
    Deeper psychological issues awaiting you!!

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