MemeKong – Metaverse, P2E gaming, Cryptos First Real life Supercar Rally and much much more… [Versión Inglesa]

MemeKong and its amazing community and team are striving for a better and safer Crypto future

If you want to surround yourself with forward thinking individuals that see an intergarted future in this space then look no further….. Look no further at all!

Meme Kong Website –

Race Amarda Website –

Loot Website –

Telegram –


🚫 This video is for entertainment purposes only, I am not a financial adviser, these videos are for entertainment purposes only. All investments involve high risk where it is possible to lose your initial stake.

Tags – Crypro, cryptocurrency, memekong, meme, meme coins, p2e, p2b, 100x, 1000x, nft, lootverse, metaverse, launch pad, rally, supercar, wolfpie


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37 comentarios

  1. Great heads up! perfect opportunity to ape in

  2. Wow this review has got me pumped! Didn’t expect to come across a project like this today. I’m IN! Let’s go Meme Kong 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Wow, Meme Kong is very bullish and I'm lucky that I've found this video. Thanks!

  4. This project looks great! Just joined their TG and I’m very impressed. The team kindly answered my all of my questions in the voice chat. Super bullish on $MKONG

  5. @MemeKongToken
    Fully doxed/Great team ✅
    Most Based Community ✅
    3 marketing firms with COINBASE✅
    connections and experience bringing tokens
    to multi B dollar MC'S✅
    Meme contest✅
    Super car rally✅
    Sub 20M MC✅

  6. Great review.. Dont miss this one!! $MKONG

  7. Meme Kong is the project to evolve the whole scene!! Best community in the game by a million miles!! LETS GO MEME KONG FAM!! 🦍🚀🦍🚀🦍

  8. Such hype! I'm also hyping on this Froyo games' new Metaverse game called Moonland, where I can explore, create and build my own home on the Moon. Check it out now!

  9. Wow this review has got me pumped! Didn’t expect to come across a project like this today. I’m IN! Let’s go Meme Kong 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Amazing team, amazing project. No limit to how high the team’s unprecedented honesty and transparency can take this token and the rest of the space. BULLISH!!!

  11. Big things still to come from the team. They continue to deliver. Ape in now or you may regret it later.

  12. There is genuinely no other coin I have been more excited about. These guys are the real deal, doxxed themselves publicly and have proven real world success in strings of businesses in multiple sectors, most notably finance.

    I’m all in on this one!! LFG!!

  13. This project Is the real deal! Full transparency and accountability to its investors. They have impeccable business backgrounds and know how to build a multibillion dollar business! This is a hybrid token with the best of both worlds in MEME and UTILITY! DOYR but don’t take too long to decide to BUY because prices won’t be below 10c for long!

  14. Meme Kong is popping! 🎊😎

  15. LFG! There is no other community like MKONG! All the things the team has planned is next level! Never been this bullish on any project, i been buying more every chance i get. This is a multi billion dollar project that stands out from all others. Don't sleep on $MKONG!🚀🚀

  16. This project is going places stay tuned cause they are many many things lined up

  17. Wow this review has got me pumped! Didn’t expect to come across a project like this today. I’m IN! Let’s go Meme Kong 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Great video Wolf Pie! Amazing review of our beautiful project. Meme Kong is here to stay and we want to take everyone with us. We won’t stop until we get that #1 spot and even then, we keep pushing, keep front and keep giving. Cheers for the great video.

  19. Super undervalued! Memekong really is the next shiba inu. Just watch.

  20. Tired of anonymous cosplay crypto? These are real businesspeople building an entire ecosystem and they deliver. Talk minus action equals zero.

  21. MeMe Kong is gonna make history!! Get ready world!! 🌎


  23. Staking a fat bag of $MKONG this week. In this project for the long haul

  24. Wooow this has got me hype! The founder is exactly the type of person a successful project needs at the helm. So BULLISH!!! Great review thanks Wolf pie 👏🏻

  25. Nice and great project
    Thank you for this information……

  26. Big hairy ape!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 solid video for an amazing project. Smart people are taking notice. Even smarter to ape in. The community alone is worth it.

  27. Memekong poised to be THE KING of all meme tokens!
    Fully doxxed team with former real business success and connections around the world are going to send this to the stratosphere! Load your bags and get strapped in soon!

  28. Awesome Content man ♂️

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