Gaming in the Metaverse! Zuckerberg reveals its future [Versión Inglesa]

At Facebook Connect, CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals what gaming will look like in the future and some current games for the Oculus Quest.


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37 comentarios

  1. Would he force his grandma to join facebook after she fell in love with her quest headset? Against her will?

  2. It's cringe inducing videos like these that made youtube remove the downvote counter.

  3. Why they keep waving their hands around like that? 😂

  4. 15 million Merits. Why is everything on Black Mirror coming true. Lol

  5. They want you to pay for everything that's what this is about

  6. Don't you think you need to stop with all this b***** because what you do to people's accounts is wrong when they're only for family and friends that's it that's what I signed up for and no black voice covid-19 I'm so sick of your policies and your stupidness

  7. The way he runs Facebook is all about government policies and not about family and friends like it's supposed to be there's ads all over it and there's also foreign people on my Facebook page all the time it's not safe

  8. Feel the blade Like never before
    Me: it hurts like never before

  9. Hehe check out this stunt
    I call it the reptilian water climb

  10. Metaverse will trend again in 2022. You finding metaverse project to invest? Zombie World Z is best choice. They release Video test vr, really attracting. And they also complete metaverse in Q1 too, we will experience soon.

  11. 0:23 flamingo say his wearing a fursuit 😂😂😂😂

  12. what that software called ?! im stupid ik

  13. Mark Zuckerberg is living population 1 in the real world

  14. Absolutely trash…. laughing so hard they keep coming out with beat saber isn't this like the 30th time it came out..


  16. I think the whole conversation 🤔 is scripted between Mark and the lady !!!!! Am I right audience?????

  17. If this is our future, just kill me now

  18. bruh, imagine watching a robot build a metaverse

  19. This video Zucks big time. Look at those hand gestures 2:30. It was probably Mark's idea.

  20. Maybe the whole world will all worship the image of the beast in the metaverse……

  21. Btw mark looks more handsome then in real

  22. Mark Zuckerberg is A Reptilian

  23. why does Mark’s avatar look more human then Mark actually does

  24. 1:35 The trophy says "Zuck" he is embracing the meme hahaha!

  25. Im going to kidnap his avatar during a speech

  26. For those who haven't seen it, go watch "Mark Zuckerberg dies in the Metaverse". Really funny parody of this video.

  27. This is why we need the dislike button back.

  28. I feel like I watched an episode from Mr.Robot

  29. Population: One? that’s not a coincidence

  30. Don’t let ur kids get meta. Studies will show in 5 years that self kill rates are 70% up. It’s already 50% higher than ever in America.

  31. Lmao while he goes in the water and actually surfs and builds his health he build something to keep us less connected to our main connection which is the earth

  32. Mark Zuckerberg doing what he does best not being creative and basically coping other ideas

  33. You tried to humanize the Zucc as much as you could, I'll give you that

  34. "Im gonna need alot more sunscreen though"

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