Enter the METAVERSE [Versión Inglesa]

It’s only just begun.

#metaverse #matrix #cartoon


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21 comentarios

  1. Now I loved this! The horror ending of the extreme dystopia is amazing, keep it up!

  2. also onto youtube shorts

  3. Upload your animations onto tiktok, youtube doesnt like short videos.

  4. You know – your content feels like the good stuff from ng in 90¨s/early 2000s and I mean that in the best possible way. Straight up parody – no quippy soy shit we have nowadays.

  5. Shout-out to the ZQube for $9.99

  6. Great video dude good to see you back again!

  7. bruh this shit isn't 4K cringe

  8. Every second of this is art, 0:09 had me dying.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. Scary shit, the near future distopia. That NFT of Sweet Baby Ray will ease the sting a little.

  10. I love that even in the meta verse there are still advertisements for manscaped

  11. Wait, go back! I didnt get to click on that prostitutes ad 🙁

  12. We were warned, but we wouldn't listen.

  13. So thats how much a Zqube costs!

  14. I like how you gave morpheus a fupa gut

  15. Dude, Morpheus running on the wall for no reason cracked me up! This is great. Also love the photo realistic chairs and backgrounds! I'm trying to get a similar effect for a shot in my own animation

  16. "🥺 clownworld!" fucking killed me dude 😂😂😂

  17. Commenting because this deserves some Algorithmic respect.

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