METASENS Metaverse & MetaSnake NFT Game Review | Free to Play to Earn | $MSU & Ancient Spirit NFTs [Versión Inglesa]

METASENS is an online virtual world that uses the BLOCKCHAIN technology to practice the ideals of the Metaverse; METASENS’ rich and vast universe has a diverse amount of unique planets. There are various games on these planets, and the gradual formation of themed IPs is also well known; our open world is not constructed by a single organization but is constructed by the power of the community, economic rules, digital content, and items circulation that has been constructed. These elements then give players the sense of a realistic virtual sensory experience.

The METASNAKE developed by the Imperium Technology Group Limited has inherited the edges of Snake. One-hand mode for players easy to play. What’s noteworthy is the fast-paced and real-time PvP function, which takes just 3 minutes to finish the fight!

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Game Overview
3:12 How to Earn
4:37 Ancient Spirit Genesis NFTs
7:03 Gleam Event
7:28 Live Gameplay Footage
20:00 Outro


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  1. This projrct looks legit thanks for the heads up

  2. Good review! Thanks, looking forward to new videos!

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  4. Fire as always! The main thing is not to disappear, continue in the same spirit! I wanted to ask you, as one of my YouTube influencers, what do you think about the Botplanet project? Everyone is building in one place and in general, everything is going well, I want to understand what are the disadvantages of the project in order to make a more informed decision regarding investments in this project

  5. It looks really fun! 😍

  6. looking forward to this

  7. You have utorial how to cash out there?

  8. Ayos yung snake na game paps

  9. Anyone with a good idea of the best way to make make money from crypto trading?

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