Unravelling the Metaverse at the CES Tech Las Vegas 2022 | BSV Stories – Episode 7 [Versión Inglesa]

The metaverse is beginning to be accepted as the future of technology as more and more people and industries are realizing the opportunities it could provide to businesses and individuals. On this episode of #BSVStories, join Patrick Thompson as he unravels the world of the metaverse at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Tech in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Patrick talks to some prominent figures in the tech industry like Robert Rice of Omniscape, Rohan Freeman of Sine Wave, and Chris Stavros of MakeSea on what the metaverse is all about and how it can affect our future social interactions.

“The only difference between the internet today and the metaverse is the metaverse typically refers to spatial content, so the experiences that I am having through virtual reality where I’m completely immersed, or mixed reality where we are mixing artificial content with the real world, “said Chris Stavros.

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5 comentarios

  1. If they build porn on the Blockchain then it will grow fast, exactly like video did on the internet…

  2. Building the digital prison, like the movie Surrogates

  3. why not drop this stupid glasses and make room where we have walls, moving floors and the top made from screens with just move reader on head or on arms, hands and legs? or maybe there is something like that already?

  4. I just want the Metaverse to be open enough to be useful to humanity… not a VR Facebook. Fingers crossed!

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